Sale of BEC is a thorny task

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I dont think this is front page news worthy, but an interesting situation the potential sale of BEC causes for BGE vs any other BEC Park.

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Summary: Some of BGEs access roads reside on AB-IBs property. As well as the Scotland parking lot (the one that feels like its a mile away from the park.- commonly referred to by us as the BG-BFE parking lot).

Selling the parks off would require a lot of coordination on land ownership. Another notible thing, is that most of the power actually comes from AB-IB. BGE, basically "writes a check" to AB for the utilities. So that will also have to be switched out.

Its just intersting to think how unique BGE is to the other BEC parks because its the only park with a brewery attached, and how the sale will affect this one in more ways than others.

Was there not originally a brewery attached to the Williamsburg park, subsequently torn down about a decade ago? (I know that when that park was in the planning stages it was originally going to be attached to the Columbus brewery until our incredibly short-sighted City Council threatened to turn off the water...)

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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There was a brewery associated with Tampa Busch Gardens, but that went away years ago.

The hospitality house was the only part removed from BGE. As far as the Brewery its still alive and kicking and part of the AB-IB vs BEC issue that Williamsburg is facing.

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