safe during an earthquake?

Monday, February 18, 2002 4:57 PM
coasters in california and japan require earthquake protection.  what i wanted to know is whether or not you are safe if an earthquake was to occur or if the protection is there to simply keep the coaster from crashing to the ground.  i would think that you should be perfectly fine, but thats just my opinion.
Monday, February 18, 2002 5:06 PM
Think about it................................................................Would a building just stand strong and not wobble?..................Would it just stand there like a normal day? Nope, it would probably crack.
Monday, February 18, 2002 5:21 PM
Actually, the buildings are designed to wobble, and the technology used for the buildings is probably similar to the technology they use to build coasters.
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Monday, February 18, 2002 7:00 PM
Well, there are certainly no guarantees that you will survive an earthquake, but that being said....coasters in Japan, and in fault zones are quite safe, and follow very rigorous standards.  Any new coaster adheres to these building principles, regardless of earthquake frequency.  I would rather be on a woodie in an earthquake though.  Give me an earthquake on the White Cyclone, and I probably wouldn't even feel it.
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Monday, February 18, 2002 8:22 PM
Cnosidering how light superstructures are for coasters anyway, I would imagine they woul dhave a good eal of sway in them and thus the ability to "absorb" or "give" in an earthquake event.  Granted, your train may hang up in the track, but as far as the strutcures are concerned, I think they would be ok.
Monday, February 18, 2002 9:28 PM
If your curious on the subject you should take a look at Steel Dragon's support structure.

I'm guessing the Earthquake protection is why it was so expensive.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002 2:02 AM
i was just interested if whether not the structure would stand/fall and if you would be safe/injured.  if the structure falls, then why bother spending twice as much money for earthquake protection if that twice as much steel is going to fall down on everything. 

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