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For probably what was my last major trip of the year, i went to conneaut lake park. It really seems that this might be the end of this park, very soon. I have never been there and had decided to finally go this year.

Now this was a rare trip with my dad coming along as he used to go there as a child with his family that lived there. Although he didnt ride anything, but he was fine because he was taking a walk down memorie lane. He told us the stories of him hitting up the blue streak many years before with his uncle, secretly i think he missed it. I thought it was just another fine example of what out and backers are. Although not the best in upkeep i can see. This was a fun coaster to me. Loved the older trains they had on it.

Devils den was good for a hoot, and a couple of other traditional rides that have been recreated or other parks have such as the trabant, muzik express, the flying scooters, which were fun because i hadnt rode one this year.

The main thing is that this park seems to be going slowly like so many others before it, this was the first time i felt sad to be in a park. A few rides were missing from their areas already, a swing ride called the yo,yo, a tumblebug which i actually enjoy when i ride one, and some kind of zipper or something, quite possibly from the dismantled carriages a scrambler.

I did however get to the lake, which is such a nice thing to look out at, although it was a bit chilly for this time of year. I did a walkthrough of the hotel on the advice of a few others here. Really nice hotel, but i cant imagine what it used to be like, with this place slowly looking like it might fade away. I did check out the shuffle board room at the end, this was kinda cool. They have that place looking pretty mint, if i didnt live that close to it, i would love to stay there. Anyhow all in all had a great time there, but it kinda was depressing to watch alot of this place seem like it was gonna give up.

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You are correct, a few rides are not running, but they are not giving up. They are slowly getting their house in order, putting lawsuits behind them, and yes, if time permits, they will have friends in the industry rise to assist them.
I also have a question do those people that work their volunteer or do they work their all year, cause it seems like they have a group of people that love to do what they do?

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As AJ that the lawsuits are all resolved and in the rear-view mirror, the *considerable funds* that were held in reserve for legal fees, etc., will be reinvested in the park - where they belong, and are needed.

Best collection of old-tyme kiddie rides that I've seen...

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Minus the fire truck. lol.


Having participated in the BLUE STREAK CHALLENGE '05 this year, I can honestly say that the folks behind the Conneaut Lake Preservation Society are amongst some of the nicest and most dedicated I have ever come across. There is a core group of them that do an ENORMOUS AMOUNT of work to keep monies flowing in the direction that they need to.

Conneaut Lake is a STERLING EXAMPLE of that "park-by-the-water" that is VINTAGE AMERICANA. The flat rides nestled next to the historic wooden coaster (BLUE STREAK) still make for a picturesque and perfect summer day bit of escapism.

It is this sort of thing that a lot of us feel strongly about not letting slip away. We cannot lay down and allow the Six Flags-ization of the country continue. There is a place for the big, mega-parks in the country but most coaster enthusiasts, including myself, adore the Mom-and-Pop parks like Conneaut Lake, Holiday World, and Indiana Beach, to name but a few.

I think we raised about $7,000 in the Blue Streak Challenge this year and came in at just around 300 laps (I'm not sure what the final total actually was), but $7,000, while an admirable amount of money, does nothing but put a band-aid on the financial woes that Conneaut Lake still faces.

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I was gonna say the same thing. Small parks are a dime a dozen, plus they seem to be a great place to go. A great alternate to the thrill parks. THey do everything right as far as making it feel like a park should.

I also happened to think like i said before the people who occupy the job end of the park are so dedicated there. Had to laugh looking at those pictures gator put up because it looked like he had a few enthusiasts with him, which also reminded me that they had some acers there. They were riding the streak all day.

I got my ride on the little dipper cause of my coasterbuzz card and a very generous op, i still feel wierd riding a kiddy coaster, but he made me feel like it was more than alright if i did, considering i guess he was supposed to only let acers on with their membership.

Thanks guys at least i feel the same way!

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I work there.

I left GL a few weeks ago to go back to work at good ole conneaut. Hey... higher pay, less hours, more summer and not to mention my uncle is owner of games, the arcades, and the two cotton candy/roasted nut stands. Much more laid back ;)

I however would not count on seeing it open next year.

If anyone is visiting, I should be in the SkeeBall room, just look for tall kid with curley hair. :) *** Edited 8/29/2005 9:35:29 PM UTC by SteveWoA***

Yeah, I think the same thing. If it does open next year, I'll be happily surprised.

Rollergator: What 'considerable funds'? Any money they have is going to go toward their huge debt-load.

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Legal fees are *expen$ive*....with the lawsuit resolved, they could hire five mechanics for every lawyer whose no longer clocking "billable hours"...

Of course, debts must also be repaid...;)

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I remember those nut stands! You could smell that aroma all over the park. ;-)

That was a nice little gameroom too. Do you think your uncle may invest in a DDR machine someday? ;-)


Haha, I have brought that up to him but I believe he said he is not putting any more money in because the park is on it's last thread. He had one at one point on Geneva On The Lake, he ran the Sports Center Arcade across from Erie View (Which was sold 2 years ago I believe). But I don't think he is up for anything at Conneaut as it may be done and he is packing all his stuff out currently in the back storage rooms. From all the meetings he has attended, he said it doesn't look at all good for next year sadly.

But ill be sure to bring it up to him again about DDR! haha

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I can only hope for the best (The park that There a million DDR machines, but only one Conneaut.

I hate to hear news like this. :-(


Can the park get National landmark Status like Kennywood or Rye Playland? It would seem like that would least the Blue Streak seems like it would qualify.

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