Sad night last night...

Redgirl and I stopped at the grocery store after I picked her up from daycare and as we were waiting to do our turn, a flatbed trailer stopped right in front of us.

On the trailer was the Dragon Coaster train from Santa's Village.

She recognized it and asked where it was going. I told her that is was moving to a different park far away.

She started to cry...bawl, even..."But I love that Dragon, it's fun!"

Me: "Redgirl, it has to go and make other kids happy, you have other coasters near here. Where it is going, kids don't have any coasters near them."

RG: "But Daddy (sob) I'm gonna miss him. (sniffle)"

M: "I'll miss it too, but just think how happy he'll make the boys and girls where he's moving to."

RG: "But what about meeeeee? (sob)"

M: "Redgirl, don't cry or you'll make the Dragon sad. His job is to make little kids happy and he'll be sad if you cry. He made you happy when you rode him right?"

RG: "Uh-huh (sniffle) he was lots and lots of fun."

M: "Then don't cry, and just think of the fun you had and how much fun he'll be for the new kids he's going to meet."

RG: "OK, daddy. But I'll still miss him."

M: "I will too, honey..."

RG: "Bye bye Dragon...(blows two kisses)...(sniffle)"

***Time passes and we're almost home***

RG: "Daddy, can we go and visit the Dragon at his new home?"

M: "Maybe, sweetie...we'll see...he's going to be really far away..."

RG: "Ok, Daddy...I'll miss you Dragon (kiss) Be fun for the new kids! (Kiss)"

--George H

Awww, that is sooo sweet! Sniff.

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Sweet story for sure.
Reminds me of the time I took my daughters to conneaut and it was closed that season. My youngest cried for half the trip back to Cleveland. boy, was i ever grateful when it reopened the season after that.

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FLYINGSCOOTER, that reminds me of the time I drove my daughter down to Disneyland, except I didn't drive her to Disneyland, I drove her to an empty dirt lot, and I said "Oh well, Looks like they tore Disneyland down" and we went home. Boy, did she cry. It was so sweet.
Or wait... was that Jack Handy who did that? Never mind.

"I've been born again my whole life." -SAVED
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I had that same conversation with my dad, almost verbatim, when I saw Drachen Fire being disassembled.

I was 29.


Redman, that's a heartbreaking story! :(

I had something similar back in August when I informed my kids that we wouldn't be coming back to Erieview because it was closing. The difference is neither one of them cried. Heck, the 3 year old had no idea what Dad was babbling about and the 6 year old had bigger coasters on her mind than the Brat! :) I'll still miss the place though.


You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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Dang it all, man. I nearly cried at that story. Looks like you are booking a trip in the near future!

Certain victory.

George...that was so touching man, thank you for sharing that:) i cannot wait to be a father someday...i have a feeling you are an AWESOME one man:) hope to see you at a park really soon!!
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George *is* a really cool guy...and can Moosh right up there with the best of 'em.. ;)

...I can't help but read that last line and smile - his daughter's final thought was on of SHARING her coaster with other kids...what a great kid, AND dad! :)

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That's the sweetest thing in the world, George! It's good to get them sentimental about coasters early on!

I just want to give her a big hug and tell her it's going to be OK. :)


Back in the spring of 2004, my then 6 year old son cried when I told him that Shouka and the rest of the animals were leaving Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. He loved the old "Sea World" side of the park and couldn't understand why they were closing his favorite area. Even 2 years later, he's still not exactly happy with Geauga Lake today. Yes, he likes the rides and the coasters he's able to ride, but, he still hates to go to the new Wildwater Kingdom side. Makes him too sad, he says. I'm sure someday he'll get over it, especially now that he's big enough to ride the water slides, but, a little bit of him will always miss the sea animals that once inhabited that area.
Even us adults get sad and emotional when things of our childhood become a memory.

I am kind of glad my daughter is 11 now so at that age, she isn't getting sad about seeing a childhood park of hers leave. It's that middle ground of an age where sentimental things don't really play a role.

Her attitude is now that Santa's Village and Kiddieland are boring and lets just go to SFGAm.

One good note is that the Snowball ride will be re-located in Utica Illinois at the Grand Bear Lodge. Still in the area and a childhood favorite for many adults today that made Santa's Village known in the Chicago area.

Definitely a sad time for Chicagoans. We are now down to 2 outdoor amusement parks operating and possibly after 2010, we very well could be down to 1.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Wow. I can so relate to the little girl. I would of probably broke down in the parking lot also being that the dragon coaster was my first ride on a coaster. Very sentimental. Thanks for the story Redman. :)
I was seven when Euclid Beach was demolished and yes it was very upsetting. My mom met my dad at that park. They danced at the ballroom.
She said it was the end of an age as the Thriller came crashing down.

The Entrance Arch is still there. An elderly residential comples lies whrer the rides were.

Progress they called it. Sad.

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You rode Dragon as (at least) a 12+ year old, Supercell? Dragon was built in 1995...

--George H

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