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I woke up, got dressed, and ate breakfast with my parents. My mother wanted to stay home to finish typing some school work she needs handed in by Monday, so she could not go. We where off sometime after 11am just me and my father. After some traffic in the Bronx we where in Rye Playland within 40mins had their been no traffic less then 30mins. Not bad considering I live on Staten Island.

We waited to enter the parking lot paid our $7 to get in. First thing I noticed was how close we where able to park to the entrance. We walked in and instantly felt welcomed in the park, and felt back in time. We passed some games, food shops, and the old mill type ride which I did not get to ride.

First thing was tickets we started out with one book worth $21. We waited for The Dragon Coaster about 5mins since they only run one train. Sitting in the very back seat we where off. First thing I noticed is they still operate the ride with the hand lever like The Coney Island Cyclone. I thought that was a nice thing to see. Maybe the ride had hope? Maybe it was going to be a good ride?

After making our way up the lift the turn around was nice, and the drop fun. After that the ride cried its way through the course. My father looked at me, and I looked at him like damn this is so boring. I have been on more thrilling subway trains then this coaster. you can't say because its old. The Cyclone at Coney Island is just as old, and kicks major butt!

I think it was the trains. They just seem heavy and bulky, and don't go too well with the ride. Had it been the old style of trains like displayed across from the ride it would have probably been better. The ride has most likely been good back in its day. It had the tunnel, it had a double up, some nice little hills, but it just dragged through. 6 out of 10 only because it has the historical factor.

We bought the picture, and headed over to The Hurricane. Oh my God what a nasty little ride. My father said this wont get me dizzy will it? I said it shouldn't? We bord the front seat (4 tickets) The lapbars are not padded, and the cars are small. Also the head rest are really huge, and you could put your head in it, but that would be a big mistake.

The first drop is nice, and rough a turn around OK not too bad. All the sudden you level out, and take a left hand dive. Your body literally gets thrown in every direction. before your whipping around sharp turns, and helix's, and those head rest become fist hitting your head if you don't lean forward. I felt a little dizzy afterwards, and my father was done for the day. Great!

So he buys me more tickets, and waits for me to ride Double shot which stunk, and then the Log Flume which almost took my manhood. I was sitting in the back seat alone. On the last drop I slid forward in my seat, and went straight into the divider. Thankfully I stooped myself with my knee. Those little foot gripers you see at major chain parks where not their to hold yourself. (4 Tickets) 6 out of 10

Then over to their new Wild Mouse. Now what a surprise. That was such a nice coaster. It was small, but fast, and hidden, and a lot of fun. No brakes to slow you down at all start to finish. I am serious about that. I never took those turns so tight like that on any other Wild Mouse (4 Tickets) 7 out of 10. My father then went to the truck to rest because he was out of it. I then rode the Sea Dragon swinging ship which was fun, and went into some Witches Haunted House. IM did not go in expecting much, but I was still a little paranoid of going alone, so I went on the front with some girl with her sister behind me. It was a little freaky just being in the dark, but nothing too fancy. Just pop up things etc.

3 out of 10 then I went back to the car to get my camcorder. Oh yea also before my father left I rode the Derby Racers. It was such a nice historic ride, and so unique in everyday. Very fast, and kind weird because it almost feels like you could fall off the horse. 7 out of 10 very fun (3 Tickets) I also rode some ride called Mind Scrambler.

It was a Scrambler in a dome with lights, and backlights, and strobe lights etc. OK, nothing too spectacular, but well done considering. Oh yea loud music. 4 out of 10 (3 Tickets) I then walked around the park filming areas, the live band coming down the midway, the flowers the atmosphere was truly one of a kind, and can take a person back in time.

All in all it was a nice day out other then being so hot. The one thing I do not like about Playland is they wait until the ride is full before letting it start because they want to save money, that is also probably why they only ran one train on The Dragon Coaster. As of now IM very burned out, and dizzy. I have a candy apple waiting to be eaten after dinner, and I will go back to Playland August, 21.2003 for Cyndi Lauper in concert FREE! The park gets a 8 of 10.

Oh yea also I wanted to get rid of my last set of tickets so I rode the Hurricane alone, and sat on the right seat thinking in the second sharp turn I wouldn't be thrown to the side too bad because I would hit the side of the car, but I realized I sat on the wrong side, and in that turn I never knew I could stretch to my side as far as I did! I just laughing at myself for getting on the thing. Because my upper body touched the lapbar on the other side which was all they way down. Oh yea I also rode a ride that Sixflags Great Adventure use to have called Type Warp. IM not sure what they called theirs.
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I thought the same thing with Dragon Coaster. I'm just wondering how much did you spend on tickets? Without a POP it can get pretty expensive. So you skipped the kiddie coaster that doesn't have a height restriction?

-Sean Newman
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Yea, your talking about the little blue woddie right? I forgot about it. Next time. Im not sure how much my father spent on tickets. He just bought them, I could ask him how much, but then he gets upset, and ask if im paying so I don't say anything. He prop bought $42 worth of tickets books. He told ride all I want, thats what he works for.
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