Rye Playland 8/11 - Wonderful Night

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Myself, my father, and my little brother made our annual 20 minute trek down to Rye Playland earlier today as a last "get together" before I head down to college at UCF. We arrived at the park around 6 pm to a parking lot filled to about 3/7 capacity and paid the small 5 dollar parking fee with bumper sticker included.

We opted for the 28 dollar card option which gave us 36 "points" altogether. Maybe it was the fact that the Dragon Coaster will be my only wooden roller coaster this year, but it looked especially beautiful today. Quickly we realized that this new scan your card method was a fantastic upgrade over the ticket system. After a few quick swipes we found ourselves second in line.

I took a back row seat while my father and brother took the second to last car. Up the chain lift we went as I relaxed myself as much as I could to fully take in this classic. The first couple drops were fun as usual giving minimal yet satisfying air. The rest of the ride was highly enjoyable as forceless as it was. Who does'nt enjoy traveling through the belly of a dragon?

I took my little brother on The Whip for a bit of nostalgia. For 2 points each, it was worth it for that alone. The "whippage" was decent, not exactly what I remember, but fun nonetheless. We then made our way around the park to the haunted house by the Double Shot. Not scary, but I got a kick out of it. I felt I would be getting a lot more bang for my buck if Playland lowered the cost of its dark rides to 3 points instead of 4.

We walked along the boardwalk and onto the pier watching a charter boat take corporate employees back from their day of leisure at Playland. A quick bite at Burger King and we were off to our second haunted house of the day. This time the one by the Crazy Mouse coaster. A bit more gory and interesting than the previous, not scary, but fun.

If not just to use up our last 4 points, my little brother and I hopped on the ferris wheel. Being two of five or so people on the ride, they still ran a short cycle anyway. Would it really hurt to let us go around more than a few times? Beautiful views to be had of the long island sound and the park, just be sure to get them in during the minute long cycle. Good news though, The Derby Racer's Horses seemed to be running just fine. Most horses were going up and down at that wonderfully fast speed (for a carosel at least).

We did not anticipate a concert tonight, however, John Waite came on the stage at 8 for a 95.5 PLJ free concert. It was a nice surprise as he sounded good, as did his band. The improvements to the Playland stage were equally nice, the new awning and speakers were fantastic. The crowd was having a good time and though we left after about 4 songs, it was a great end to a fantastic evening.

I really like Rye Playland, even though it can get expensive. It truly has a a nice selection of family friendly arractions - though I found the Dragon Coaster a bit lackluster and the Ultra Flight awful (Except for the lift)

I was curious if the ride with the trolls was open again as there was a fatality on it a few weeks ago. Glad that Derby Racer is moving again. Are the horses going back and forth or only up and down?

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

I was to Playland last weekend. The Derby Racer's horses were only moving up and down not back and forth.

Playland is a cool little park. Alot smaller then I thought but still a nice little park. I think they need another wood coaster. Somthing very twisted and smooth! The Dragon is a perfect beginner coaster but somthing more thrilling would be great!

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