Rye Playland 8-15-10

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When me and my friend found out the news that sometime down the road this park might close, we decided to make the trip down to check it out today. Minus the awful traffic getting there, it was not a bad day. A little rainy=light crowds and most of the attractions were up and running. First we went to the Old Mill dark ride and I really liked the theme (gnomes and trolls) it had. Much better than Garfield's nightmare at K Wood. After that we headed to the infamous dragon coaster. Despite being pelted with raindrops, it was a nice smooth ride. Gotta love going into that dragon tunnel. The two other dark rides (not meant for young kids) were alright. Some good effects, some cheesy ones but hey it is what it is. The crazy mouse did not have very rough turns and had fun hills. Now we come to superflight. The Voltaire flying coaster. OMG rough as hell. With two inverted rolls to boot. Turned out my friend lost her cell phone on the ride. And I must say, the staff were really nice to us when we explained the stich to them. Even prior to that, we found them to be treating the patrons well. The ride closed down for a bit, mechanic combed the grounds and recovered it. And lucky for her, it still worked and did not have any damage. A story to tell the grandkids someday lol. I'll finish with a few flat rides. The racing derby was great. Went really fast (faster than the other one). They actually have you lean to the left because of the speed of it. Got a little wet on the log flume which is a good ride to get you off of your feet. I went on the starship spinner. One odd thing I noticed is on this ride as well as the music express rides....they were playing primarily rap music. How fun. Hey mom lets ride this one..... they are playing SHOTS by LMFAO. All that aside, it was a nice park to visit on a drizzled filled Sunday. The only thing I wished they had was a gift shop (not a one..not even dinky stuff). The food was ok. Not a lot to choose from, but it was neat to see a burger king stand in the park. (First one I have seen myself anyway). Guess the amusment world will see what becomes of this park down the road.

Very surprised they shut the ride down for that. Most places wont look till the end of the night, if even then.

I'm also surprised they shut the ride down. But if it was a slow day i'm sure htey didn't put too many people out.

Glad you made it to the park. Also glad to hear Dragon ran smoothly. It was a bit rough when I road it a couple years ago. I found teh Dark rides the highlight of the park. How was the volume in the Flying Witch and Zombie Castle. I found it to be very high when I was there last. has that been adjusted?

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The ride was closed earlier in the day (possibly because of the rain?) and then when I lost the phone I believe it was already down anyway because of the rain. The crowd was very light and when it was up the line was only about a 5 minute wait.
Dragon was extremely smooth and I really enjoyed that ride. It's the only Church coaster I have ever ridden and I found it to be a good ride. Loved the manual brakes. I enjoyed all of the dark rides with Ye Old Mill being the best one, very long ride and I thought it was infinitely better than Garfield's Nightmare. I don't remember the volume being very high in the other dark rides so it must have been fixed. These were my first dark rides that had chicken wire and I can see now how that distracts from the props. Other dark rides I have been on either were open or were behind glass.

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