Rye Playland 7-19-02 Plague of the Green Shirts

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Friday, July 19, 2002 2:46 PM

I started leaving my house at 9:00 for a 12:00 opening. We got there at 10:30 and walked on the boardwalk by the ocean and walked out on the boardwalk that sticked out towards the ocean. The first thing I noticed was the hundreds and hundreds of summer school kids wearing annoying green shirts.

Right when the gates opened I went to Dragon Coaster. This coaster is very old and was built in 1923 so I wasn't expected a great ride even though I had heard great things about it. It was a 2 train wait and I got seat 5.1 I think. It is very smooth but NO airtime. It would be a great ride if there was airtime. Rating 2/5 Coaster #89 I would ride this again later

Next I ventured over to the Pinifari Coaster Hurricane. This ride is so rough. I though I was going to get thrown out at one point. I did not like this at all and would not try it again later. Rating 1/5 Coaster #90

Then I saw there Power Surge and decided to ride it. This is my all time favorite flat ride. Well I actually think Evolution is a little better. Great forces and a very fun ride.

Next I went to one of there two haunted mansions The Flying Witch. It was an OK ride but it was way to hot in there. The effects were pretty good tohugh. But they always make you sit in the back of there two haunted mansions even if there are four people. Rating 2/5

Next I looked over at Double Shot(An S&S single 85 foot tower). It was closed and would open later. I went over to there Family Coaster. It was called Family Flyer and it was a horrible ride but an OK one for little kids. Rating1/5 Coaster #91

Then I went over and did a tiny flat ride. I can't remember the ride though. It was a piece of straight track that tilted up and down and the car went foward and backwards and braked very hard. The front of the restraint was and upside down U. Rating:2/5

Then I went on The Whip. I liked that ride but it wasn't great. It was a little rough and the lapbar could be pushed up and down. It was the seatbelt that held you in.

I then left and got some food at a place on the ocean called Captain Hook's Seafood. I had been there earlier in the day and put my stuff there. I got a hot dog and fries for 4.25. Good deal and Good food. I walked up and down the boardwalk sticking out on the ocean and it is a great spot for photos.

I went back into teh park and noticed that Doub;e Shot was open so I got two rides on that. It is a great ride. It is only a Space Shot even though it is called Double Shot. I wish it had really been a double shot because I would have loved to stay at the top facing the ocean. The view on the Ocean Side was amazing If it had stopped at the top also it would have been perfect. The airtime on it is better than the 200 hundred and 300 hundred ft. rides. Rating 4/5 I got two rides on that. One on right side and one on teh Ocean Side.

I then went to Dragon Coaster where I found a two train wait so I got a front seat ride. I was lucky because you don't choose your seating. One spot of airtime but still needs something. Rating 3/5.

Then I could ride one more ride with my tickets and my sister talked me into doing the other Haunted Mansion. This one was a walk-on and it was the better one. It was called Dracula's Castle. And it was cool in there.

Then I had to leave. I tried to get on teh Kiddie Coaster but I was too tall Overall my favorite ride of the Day was the Ocean Side of Double Shot. Great airtime and great view. Overall it is a great park and I plan on coming back. Hopefully if the green shirts are gone

Next Trip-Keansburg Amusement Park-This Sunday


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Friday, July 19, 2002 2:56 PM
Keansburg? Im goin along with great adventure......too bad that park sucks though. The only reason we go is the waterpark, and the games.
Friday, July 19, 2002 3:17 PM
I'm only going there because my family is going to the shore and it's only a few minutes away.


Friday, July 19, 2002 5:16 PM
Nice TR. You said "Well I actually think Evolution is a little better." Were you talking about Evolution at SFGAdv? I've always wanted to ride that thing! It looks so intense. How is it? Is it actually open this year?

# of Wicked Twists: 5
Launched only 4 times on Hypersonic XLC, but still hoping for more!

Saturday, July 20, 2002 5:46 AM
Ya I was talking about teh one at gadv. It is soo intense.



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