Rye Playland - Mothers Day 2016 - May 8

Howdy Folks!

Not a long one today, but I was able to start my riding season today on a nice trip to Rye with my wife and my son.

After a week and half of lousy weather in the New York area, the morning fog lifted and gave us a nice, breezy sunny spring day. Surprising to find that there wasn't much traffic on I-95 and the lot was about 1/3 full. It was great to be going to a park again.

15 bucks to park but...in May, the wristbands are only $15 bucks. GREAT DEAL. TO make it better, moms were free. No spectator pass, no hassles, no problems. SWEET!

I don't have time for a ride-by-ride rundown, but it is safe to say there isn't a lot of change, which is a good thing.

Here are a few observations:

1) The bumper cars were VERY good. Only a notch or two below K'nobels quality...good stuff. We stopped a minute after starting. THen again due to letting another rider on. THen a three minute cycle. All good.

2) The Music Express seemed to have smaller cars than other models and they made a thump-thump-thump sound as the lowered and rised after the ride. The two spots - almost dead on where the ride goes behind the "backdrop" were uncomfortable as they passed because of the lower size they were digging into my back. (Ouch!)

3) Ferris Wheel - Nobody on the platform wanted to ride with a single rider. I have been in that situation many-a-times so my son and I volunteered. The guy didn't talk to us at all even when I offered friendly banter. Nothing. Just stone cold silence. We kind of helped you out dude, at least say thanks. (Note: No single riders on the wheel.)

4) Whip - always great...but a little slower than usual. In the ceiling of the structure there is a home for pigeons.

5) Gas Powered Cars - The only place where I ran into people I didn't like. A few middle school kids were cutting the line and "cussing" without any reason to. I hate when kids do this...especially when they cut lines. This is the opposite of Junior Achemiement. This is Junior intimidation. The line was the longest one of the day and we just left the line.

Mom overheard a woman reprimanding her son. "How many F*&%n times have I told you never to talk like that?"

6) Main Carousel - The music seems to be from a CD now. The music machine with the figurines are boarded up.

Took a walk to the fishing pier. Beautiful walk. Very clean. Nobody was catching anything.

Most of the attendees were families and the behavior and supervision was good. Didn't eat anything at the park. Opted for a nice diner in Mamaronek where we got a table without a problem despite being mothers day.

Overall, park was clean, though a few spots are overdue for a new coat of paint and some pigeon removal.

It's good to be riding again.

Thank you for reading this and Happy Mothers Day to all of our moms.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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