RV park planned for michigan's adventure

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I was watching the news the other day, and, there was a story on one of the local stations out of Grand Rapids, saying that MA is planning to build an RV park across the road from Michigan's adventure.

Not a big surprise, as there has been talk about everything from a campground, to an indoor waterpark/hotel. But, according to the news, this information is coming right from Camile Jourden who is high on the chain of command at the park. So, this might just happen in the near futre.

Information on what will be included in the resort was not given. Just a future location, across Riley Tompson road, which is the road where you exit and enter the parks parking lot.

If this happens, you can probably expect big changes at the park in the next few years, but, on the down side, if they focus all their attention on the R.V. park, there probably won't be any major rides added until the R.V. Park is completed. But that is just a guess based on what has been done at the park to date.

I think adding a park is a good idea. I just hope they don't price it out of reach, as MA is pretty pricey.

As a side note, I work for Meijer, and we sell tickets to the park in the store. Had a group of about 40 foreigners buying tickets to the park on Saturday. They were on a bus, so, the park is certainly starting to draw a more diverse crowd, than just locals.

The futre will be interesting.

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The park isn't building the campground... the GM's brother is. See here.

If I recall correctly, Cedar Fair hasn't built its own campground because they've been arguing with local governing authorities about water. Bummer for them, because they aren't first to market.

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"I think adding a park is a good idea. I just hope they don't price it out of reach, as MA is pretty pricey."


It's only $25 if you buy a ticket online. $25 for a really good water park and some good coasters is a steal. There are not many parks out there that can offer that much for the price.

Here is the current price chart.


Now the rv resort is a great idea. I woulden't be suprised to see a bunch of hotels and fast food joints pop up in the next few years as the park grows.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

They let others beat them to the punch on the indoor water parks in Sandusky. How is that working out for them?
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Hey Crazy Horse

When I was talking about MA being pricey, I wasn't talking about admission to the park. I was talking about everything else that has gone up in the park.

Parking: $7.00 totally unreasonable. $4.00 would be more in line with what they should charge. After all, this isn't Cedar point.

A Coasters cheeseburger meal. $7.00 but that does not include pop. Add a pop. $9.00 to $11.00. It seems no matter what kind of food you buy it comes out to around $9.00 with a drink.

$3.00 for a vending machine 20 oz. soda.

A souvinir plastic pop mug is near $6.00. more if you want a refill. (not sure how much on that.)

There are some things in the park that are still reasonable like T-shirts, or an ice cream cone. But, everything else has tripppled in price since Cedar Fair took over the park.

I can rmember getting a whole meal at the cafe back by the wildcat for under $5.00 just a few years ago. They are pretty much charging the same prices for meals that they charge at Cedar Point and, their other parks. I don't think that is very fair.

A good example of great prices is indiana beach. (not sure since the new owners) But, I ate a complete sit down meal at the skyroom restaurant, with table service and high quality food for the same price that Cedar Fair is ripping people on a usually cold cheeseburger meal.

Also I have not been to Holiday world, but, I have heard they have all you can drink FREE pop. And, all you can use FREE sunscreen? So, I don't see where you see the prices at MA being reasonable.

It seems that some coaster enthusiasts are ok with paying huge amounts of money for their park visits. I am not one of them.

If MA gets any higher priced, I will no longer be able to afford to go there.

Sad, because I used to go nine or ten times a year, now I'm luck if I can afford to go once.

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