Rutschebanen (Tivoli Gardens)

Monday, August 5, 2002 9:05 AM

Last summer my dad took a trip with my church over to Europe. One day in Copenhagen my dad wanted to go to Tivoli Gardens to ride the coasters. No one else from my church went to the park (they went shopping) but my dad loved it. Especially the old ride Rutschebanen. Just a little history about it is it's been running sense 1914! Runs with a brakeman who rides in the middle of the train ( Picture seen here.. )

I was just wondering has anyone ever heard of this coaster or even ridden it. My dad said it was very exciting and it is a real gem.

Gas to get to PKI, $5.60. ACE card for walkback, $50.00. Meeting up with Beastnum1 and drinking 20 lemonjuice packets, priceless

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