Runaway Rapids (Keansburg, New Jersey) - July 31, 2015 - A Great End To A Frustrating Day

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Did you ever just want to leave a park and / or cut your losses.

I was headed out to Hurrican Harbor (New Jersey) again...though this time solo. I got there later than expected and my intent was to go on a few things and just relax. It didn't happen.

Knowing that the day was hot and the park was crowded I opted for a flash pass and saw that a lot of folks had the same idea. I couldn't get a lounge chair and it took 20 minutes to score a tube in the river. When my reservation for the cobra ride was ready...the eight people in our line were made to wait another 15 minutes because as the ride op said..."The people on the regular line get mad when we let too many flash passers go ahead. When we were able to grab our tubes another employee called us over and went over some of the rules which would not have allowed me to ride as a single rider.

I just wanted to get out of there and I don't think I will be returning. And I can't blame the clientele (off all races, nationalities, species) at all. Everyone was well-behaved.

When I went to give back my pass and get my deposit, I was told I could not just walk up to the window, but that I would have to wait on the regular line to get back my deposit. That line was 30 minutes. There were four registers, but only two were working. A manager and another employee were just sitting there. When I complained, the manager told me that the registers were down.

I had all of my fishing gear in the pickup (Covered up) and I figured....":LET me head over to a little and just relax. WHen I pulled into the lot, I opted to go to their waterpark to check it out and I am very glad I did.

THey were running a deal where admission was cheap after four and a series of day camp busses was pulling away. It took 1 minute to find a chair and table and two minutes later I was floating on their river. Did it have the length of the park I left? No, but it took me right away and the water was not as cold. I went on a few slides and even tried their rope swing. (It wasn't a graceful moment) Then I saw that they had a hot tub. (Sign me up) I was in the shade and almost in nap mode. Later I found a lounge chair with very little effort. (ZZzzzzzz)

I head an announcement that the rope swing was closing at 5:15 and the Power TOwer at 5:30. Normally I would care. I grabed a snack (1 person wait) went back to the table and then on to the fishing pier where I caught nothing, but loved to see all of the jumping bunker in the water. (By the way, they are re-building the pier over the next two years to reclaim what hurricane Sandy took away. Sadly it now closes at 8:30 because they still don't have their lights yet.

Sometimes...a smaller place can give you a better time. I am glad I left more relaxed and satisfied.

Thank you for reading this. (No matter what race, color, or species you are.)

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Just by reading the thread title, I thought there was a chance it was going to involve Hurricane Harbor. I still have never been there and I thought if I got a Flash Pass it would solve many of the problems I hear about at the park and it sounds like it's still a headache going there even with the Flash Pass. I was reading reviews on TripAdvisor earlier this week and there were 6 or 7 1 star reviews in a row. I'm glad you were at least able to salvage part of the day. With the theme park operations generally good, it's a shame Hurricane Harbor is run so poorly.

Just about all of the amusements and waterparks along the Jersey seashore are hidden gems. Just ask anyone who attended CoasterCon this past June.

The unique thing about the jersey shore parks and piers is that they are all family owned and operated. And while you won't find the tallest, fastest and biggest rides there, you will find some real Americana, beach and boardwalk.

If you want immersive themed experiences, go to Orlando. But the jersey shore is so unique in that it is as real as it gets. No theming needed when you have a beach and boardwalk.

And no flash passes for sale or inner tube rentals there and pop operators know better...

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