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All the attention is on HoliWood Nights, so here is a brief TR for the little event down the road. I'll save the details for someone else and just focus on the question on everyone's mind: "How bad was the line for Rumbler?"

Yeah, so many of us were worried that the ERT at this event would be very limited on the lap count due to Rumbler having a single train and a ton of enthusiasts expected to attend. I was a little more optimistic, but had my worries, but they were soon put to rest. Once ERT began, Sparky (Frank), Recess (Kyle) and I headed over for Rumbler and eventually met back up with +Danny (DannyP), Michael Darling (John), AddictedToTTD (Lisa), her CreHo son, Jake and CoasterChicken (Nicole). We were greeted to a short wait (maybe 5 minutes). There was a considerably longer wait for the front and back seats, but duh. As the night went on, the wait seemed to never be more than 10 minutes (maybe 15). We were very casual about riding for the first 3 hours or so, frequently stopping for snacks (Yes, they kept the Rumbler giftshop/snack bar open all night) and just chilling out at the tables in front of Rumbler. Kyle, Frank and I were determined to stay until the end, so we had to pace ourselves. Around 10:30pm, the crowds really thinned out and we started to ride the Rumbler with more frequency. Then I rode with John Gilman, and we mooshed each other on every turn--it was a blast. Now I was in the mood for some serious riding and really digging this nice GCI that I thought was fun before, but nothing spectacular. From 11:00pm until the final train at about 12:45am, I only had to give up my seat and walk around twice.

In the end, I managed about 45 rides that evening with about 500 enthusiasts in attendance and that single 24-passenger train on Rumbler.

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Grumbles...... ;)

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I'll second that. Went into Beech Bend Friday morning to find it out of commission because of a lightening strike. Headed back to Holliwood Nights, came back to Beech Bend Saturday evening to find the park closed at 7pm instead of 8pm. Had to leave for Dollywood that night. Don't coasters come with lightening rods anymore?



Mahhhn, you went till 12:45?

If Rob hadn't forced me to take him to Steak N Shake Sunday night I would've headed up there around 8.
Oh well.
At least we had GREAT service and Santiago really enjoyed the blue peas in his Gumbo.

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They put on a great event for such a small park. We had to leave early to get back to Louisville, but saw the lights on the Mouse still on and decided to ride it. It was about 9:30. We walked over there and as we got close they turned off the lights. We let out a dissappointed groan. Appearantly they heard us, because the lights switched right back on. We got up there and they gave us as many rides as we wanted, even though it was past ERT time for that coaster. That is great service! Especially when they fulfilled our request to turn off the lights and let us ride it in the dark!

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ThemeDesigner said:If Rob hadn't forced me to take him to Steak N Shake Sunday night I would've headed up there around 8. Oh well.
At least we had GREAT service and Santiago really enjoyed the blue peas in his Gumbo.

Wow.... sarcasm! ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Yay Matt!! Steak N Shake is always essential with you. I'm determined to stop there on every trip with you until you're tired of it. =p


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Trust me, I am already getting tired of it. Pizzeria Uno's on the other hand...

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Beech Bend put on a great first event. We got some terrifically sickening rides on the Wild Mouse during ERT, and Rumbler very quickly moved up in the top five. I'm sure I'll get beat up for this, but I may even like it better than Raven, it's pretty close.

And what AV said, the lines were minimal. I maybe walked around twice after 11pm, and stayed on the train for quite a few rides (did anyone count? Seven-ish?) at the end. Even the owner came out & talked to us and rode.

I would have enjoyed BB more if there wasn't some horrible pollen towards the back of the park, so I didn't get to ride Scat 2. The park is cute, sort of a really cleaned up & well- maintained carnival. Rumber is going to put them on the map though, so for those that did not go this year it is worth a stop.


I like to ride woodies.

So that's why my throat is sore and nose was stopped up all day yesterday. I thought it was just from screaming and laughing all weekend as well as from the smoke of everyone's campfire grills being extinguished all at once. Man was the air thick. I finally got to ride "Shock Drop" which, besides Libertyland's "Rebellion", has to be one of the scariest drop rides EVER. Scat was even more intense than I remembered. Totally SICK. I found out the pink mouse definitely rocks...errr spins! I couldn't believe the rides it was dishing out. THE Wild Mouse might've just been the biggest surprise hit for me of the whole HWN/Rumblefest weekend. Rumbler really showed how fun, re-rideable, and smooth a coaster can be. BB really put on a great first event!

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I wish I could have stayed later. I left around 11:00 because my wife was tired. I could have rode all night. I was a little scared when I saw sirens from the line in the Wild Mouse. Don't really know what happened yet but apparently not serious.

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thrillerman1 said: (snipped)
Scat was even more intense than I remembered. Totally SICK.

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SCAT 2 is by far the most intense spin and puke I've ridden. I was sure my face was ripping off from the G's that thing throws at you. I don't get sick on rides but this one did require a little recovery time before I could hop on anything else.

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What an awsome event! I hope they do this every year. I think that Rumbler is gonna put this park on the map.

Brian, you were missed last weekend.

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