Rumble Fest III, at Beech Bend Park May 25th.

Well, I haven't noticed this posted anywhere so here ya go. Looks like Beech Bend decided to move Rumblefest III back to May again this season, in conjunction with Holiwood Nights.

See ya there.

RF has been such a great event both years so far. Last year there were only about 40 or so people, and I think the last hour of the event no one even got out of their seats on Rumbler. I know I spent the last hour power riding it in the front seat without ever even having to budge.

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I bet there will be many more of us at RF this year than last year. That said, even the first year when there were hundreds of people in attendance, I rode Rumbler non-stop the last hour or more. The GCI guys were capacity monsters, getting trains dispatched almost like Knoebels.

Any word on the flying scooters they were allegedly buying from Wild West World? A good set of snappy flyers is exactly what they need to compliment their great coaster. :)

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Unofficial word from the park is that the Flying Scooter deal fell through just after the rumor surfaced. At the same time, they bid on several other items. None were ultimately approved by the court.

Too bad, we were looking forward to another Midwest scooter set.

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^ Nice website there Chris. Dang I was looking all kinds of forward to BB having flyers!

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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What a shame. Well that settles it. No Rumblefest for me, but I might swing down there for a few hours on Saturday of HWN, then off to IB on Sunday.

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Okay, this is set in stone, at least for my travelling group;

Sat. Indiana Beach

Sun. Beech Bend's Rumblefest III, starring the best woodie of 2006.

Mon. Dollywood, then back home to Philly.

^^Rumblefest has been so great the last couple years I hate to miss it, but AV's idea of IB on Sunday is pretty tempting.


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^ & ^^^You'd all have to twist my arm PRETTY hard to get me to go to IB ya know....I hate that place. ;)

Hehe, KRumbler is a darn fine ride, right up there with T-Head and LR among my favorite GCIIs. And BB is one of the friendliest parks going....highly recommended.

This was *supposed* to be the year I finally made SchlitterCon. Why do ALL the park events have to time out so poorly early in the season - even I can't be in two places at once...

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rollergator said:
And BB is one of the friendliest parks going....highly recommended.

One of?

Nah, those folks are the friendliest. :)

WOW is this event the same weekend that the Western New York Coaster Club is having there event Coasterfest... So many great events.. only one weekend

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

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I hate to miss a GCI. I loved Rumblerfest the one time I visited, but I am hopefully heading to Branson after HWN. :)

So many little time. :)

Never been to Beech Bend, seems so out of my way. I usually go to SFKK for a few hours and then off to HW. I have always hated IB, until last year. I went on a Wednesday with some friends because IB had BOGO ride passes. Over about 5 hours we did everything with almost no waits, it was amazing, much better park with smaller crowds.

Mind you, even a tiny difference, such as that between 0 and 0.000126, can make a world of difference.

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