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I went to Universal studios today and got a ride on Rip Ride Rocket coasters. The wait was about 1 1/2 hours with about 3/4 of the queue full. The preshow was alright the first 3 times but after that I just wanted to ride.
They were assigning seats but it looks like they will have a separate queue for the front row. There is a conveyor belt on both sides of the coaster in the loading station but it wasn't running. It should really help quicken the unloading . The restrains are fairly comfortable. It has a huge lapbar that folds over from the outside. The cars have stadium seating but unfortunately the headrests are so huge that most inverts give a better view. They remind me of the headrest on Hypersonic. Also the music wasn't working yet.
The ride was pretty much what I expected looking at the elements. I got assigned to the 6th row which is the last row. The lift is pretty quick and you go over the top a decent speed but either the track profile or the restraints didn't allow any airtime. There are some pretty big bumps at the track joints in the first half of the ride. Along with the lack of padding had me anticipating a rough ride but it was pretty smooth after the treble clef.
Without any airtime, huge headrests that block the view, lack of much force, the joint bumps and the lack of music I have to rate this coaster only a 3 out of 10. With a front row ride and with the music the best I could see rating this coaster is a 5. I won't be waiting more than 30 minutes for this ride.
One last thing, I noticed was the ride a maximum ride height check. So if your more than about 6'4" you'll prolly get checked.

Wow. I'm goin there in two weeks. Is this worth waiting in line for?

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Wow, that's pretty disappointing. Especially the maximum height thing. I'm 6'6", so it sounds like I wouldn't even be able to ride. I've been too tall on only two other rides (Delirium at KI, and Deja Vu at SFGAm), and both times I couldn't imagine why I'm "too tall." Not that I plan on going to Universal any time soon anyway, but still.

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

I guess it all depends on what you like in your coasters. I like airtime and G's and this coaster doesn't have much of either. This coaster has themeing and a gimmick (music). It's definitely not a extreme ride. What's bad is the lift hill and the first element will probably intimidate a lot of people from riding it. It's really just a family coaster.

You better check the US website for the height restriction. I was just guesstimating the height.

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I believe the maximum height limit is exactly 6'6".


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I have to say I agree with the review. Its a neat ride, but it didn't hit my spot. My favorite (and perhaps most intense element) is the treble clef. IMHO Mummy still owns at Universal Studios.

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More impressions.

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Short ride, I prefer this loop over the pretzel loop from the flyers. You actually catch a bit of airtime in the front as you crest the loop due to the twisting of the track/train at that point. There are a couple more interesting elements, a pop of airtime here and there in the front. I vastly preferred the front-seat ride (having ridden previously closer to the back. The low capacity led to two rides, and I definitely want more...but for now, Mummy still provides the better ride experience due to stronger airtime and more immersive theme. The music provides a definite enhancement, but somehow there's got to be a way to do music without the huge Bizarro/RRR speaker systems that intrude so much on the visual ride experience.

Good solid ride. Non-inverting loop extremely cool. Lighting package *amazing* (not that most people will ever get to see it). Tried in vain to get a couple pics, but the multi-colored lights didn't seem to show up very well. Good music selections for me, I've got almost 20 rides before I'll need to start repeating (avoiding only country as an entire genre, LOL).

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I am forced to listen to country about 6 hours a week. As a result, I've been waking up in the morning with a catchy country song stuck in my head. The first thing that I do in that situation is grab my computer's remote and press play. The heavier the song that my I-Tunes decides to play, the better, for me anyways. :)

(no offense to the rednecks who like the stuff...lol)

You know, Radical Runaway Rocket: The Ride, or whatever it is called, really hasn't interest me much throughout the entire announcement and building process. It just doesn't look as fun as the many other treats in Orlando and Tampa.

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