Rough Day at CP 5/11/02

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Saturday, May 11, 2002 8:18 PM
Well, Just got back from a 5 hour drive and had not intended on writing this, but felt it was all still fresh in my mind so here goes.

Short version: 4 rides, yes only 4. Wind, wind, and then rain. No Millennium Force. Joe Cool ERT, non-existent.

Long version: Got to the park at 9:20. Walked to the front of the park and saw the sign that read: Millennium Force will open later today. Oh, crap! Walked through the gate and noticed that the park was very crowded for 9:20. I ask my wife, "hey they do open at ten, right?" She said yeah, so where did all of these people come from? Who knows. At 9:30 Wicked Twister ALREADY had a 45 minute wait. Based on principle alone I said "no way". What happened to the ERT for Joe Cool members? I'll e-mail CP and ask.

Went to Magnum. 5 minute wait for the back. WOW, I can't remember the last time I had a trimless ride on Magnum. It was running like a raped ape. The airtime on the second or third bunny, it wasn't floater or ejector. It was CATAPULT! Man alive this thing was running outstanding. The days only saving grace. Rode it twice.

Walked over to MF to see what I could see. As we arrived at the front of the que, I saw a sight that I hope never to see again. The blue train was being pulled by cable through the last overbanked turn. I asked a ride op dude what happened he said it stalled at the second camel back, YESTERDAY. I said, Holy crap! and this is as far as you have gotten? He said yeah. Oh boy.

Left that behind and went to WT. It still said 45 minute wait, but we went in anyway. Waiting in gale force winds for 45 minutes wears you out. Anyway, jump into our seats for our first ride. Sat there waiting for the launch. Waiting, waiting, still waiting. After sitting there for maybe 5 minutes, they told us that there was a problem and asked us to walk back into the que. We waited 30 minutes then left the line. Walked over to the fastlane or whatever, and got a 3-4 o'clock return time.

We were hungry at this point. Went to Silver Dollar to grub. The BBQ pork sandwich rocks! High point #2 of the day, no joking.

Next up was Blue Streak. It looks great! I was hoping for more air, but still had a good ride. Classic fun.

Went back to the car for an hour to warm up. Man that wind was kickin' over on the east side of the park.

Finally rode Twister after only a 20 minute wait with our fastlane hand stamp. The back tower is just plain W-R-O-N-G! There is no one word to describe it. CP did it, again!

Went back to see MF again, hoping to get lucky. At a little after 4 they started running the red and blue train with employees and water dummies.
A crowd had gathered at the front of the ride. They told us to form a line and then everyone went CRAZY! It was nuts. People were pushing and shoving. We were maybe 10 feet from the front of the que. They ran train after train, with the employees. We stood there for 30 to 40 minutes before it started to rain. We looked at each other and said, "lets go".

I hope next weekend is better, I'm bringing 15 co-workers with me for a Sunday trip. Most of them have never been to CP and none of them are enthusiasts. I'll never hear the end of it if we have a day like today!

So many coasters, so little vacation time....*** This post was edited by RollerFreak on 5/12/2002. ***

*** This post was edited by RollerFreak on 5/12/2002. ***

Saturday, May 11, 2002 8:54 PM

To answer your question about the Joe Cool ERT, the Joe Cool people and the hotel guests are admitted to the park one half hour before the gates open to the GP. Here's the catch: the gates open at different times. Today, the gates opened to the GP at 9:00 and therefore they opened to Joe Cool at 8:30. Tomorrow, it will be 9:30 and 9. During this week, it will be 10 and 9:30. Confusing? Yes. Annoying? Yes. And I'm sure the employees would like it to be the same time every day as much as the guests. The best way to know what time to arrive is to check on the operating calendar at CP's website. Click on the date of your visit and it will tell you what time the gates open. This flexible gate stuff started last season when Dan Keller became GM. Personally I can't stand it. They should just make it 9:00 Joe Cool and 9:30 public every day and it would be so much easier. :)

Its been a rough year for Millennium Force so far. I say its because they messed with the good vibe it had by taking the "lady" out of the station, having no logos on the trains for opening day, and having different wheels. ;) It could have something to do with the fact that its an Intamin too... :)

2001 Magnum Crew

Saturday, May 11, 2002 9:01 PM

Thanks. Man that bites. What the h$%! are they thinking? Thats just plain confusing. Thanks again for explaining.
So many coasters, so little vacation time....
Saturday, May 11, 2002 9:19 PM
I suxed that today they never opened force. They were testing it, we waited an hour then it statred to rain and then said they didn't know if it would open, then the ride ops left MF station and it started to rain pretty hard, so we went and ate at the silver dollar, then went and rode DT , got some suviners and left around 8:30 or 9:00 (MF still wasen't open, doubt it ever did). I got to ride wicked twister early on though and it's a fun ride. (way better than S:UE, back rules).
Saturday, May 11, 2002 10:45 PM
Millennium Force DID open today about a half hour before closing. You should have stuck around after the rain...the park was empty, the waits were non-existant, and the rides were running great. Sorry your day was so bad, though.

I get the feeling there's a conspiracy over at King's Island to remove anything that has "K" or "C" in its initials.

Sunday, May 12, 2002 2:31 PM
My friend is going to be pissed, it was his first time to CP and he was really planing to go on MF.

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