Rougarou Media Day?

Hey all,

given the wonderful hospitality shown by Cedar Fair for us coaster folks in 2013 for Gatekeeper's Media Day, and in 2014 for Banshee, I was hoping there might be something similar this year for Rougarou.

Has anyone heard any info/rumor if we'll be invited back for Rougarou's Media Day?


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There will not be an enthusiast-media day for the ride, just a media media day.

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Good to know.



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If you got a season pass, you can go into the park on May 8th for passholder preview night.


its the same ride with new trains!

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Are you sure?

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The sensation you feel around the heart area might be a little different.

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I'm looking forward to reduced sensations on a part of my body slightly lower than my heart.

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I think the intensity of the former Mantis, might make Rougarou bump a few floorless coasters a few notches down on the favorite floorless coaster list. The twisting speed bump right after the incline loop should provide some very interesting air time. Lets just hope that the mid-course brake, and the final brake run are not on as rough.

I think it will certainly be a more popular ride in it's non stand up version. I'm sure it will nix a lot of park headaches, and certainly be more guy friendly. ;)

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Mantis is one of the only coasters that made me nauseous every time I have been on it in the last decade. This might do the trick, or might not.

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I'm thinking any increase in popularity will wane pretty quickly (way moreso than an actual new attraction). It's at CP, it's going to get riders, but I'd bet that long lines die down by mid-to-late summer.

It's also in a great location.

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Rougarou is an interesting experiment for Cedar Fair. If it's successful, it'll help pave the way for more of these types of projects in the future (Mean Streak, Backlot Stunt Coaster, etc.).

One thing I found surprising is that they invested in 3 trains for the ride. I'm so used to seeing that queue entirely empty. Beyond the initial rush of excitement, is Rougarou going to stay so popular that it warrants 3-train operation throughout the years?

I think many people will think Rougarou is an entirely new coaster. If they put an exciting lighting package on it like Banshee, I can see people flowing over to it from Millennium Force when it was most notoriously empty (night). I'm still not sure if 3 trains will really be necessary, but if it proves to be that popular, I'm sure we'll all be happy that they bought the extra train.

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Jeff said:
There will not be an enthusiast-media day for the ride, just a media media day.

Same with the Fury media day. But when you have people like Dave Wetterstroem mad that he didn't get to ride Goliath as much as he'd like and publicly bashing the park, or his having a nuclear meltdown in the CP midway because he was yay stuffing his face and was late to a preview, which resulted in several members of upper management intervening, and the guy who got mad he couldn't wear his MF shirt to Banshee's media day, then they just don't invite you. Do thank the parties responsible.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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While it is true that Mantis has had a short wait time. The shortest wait I ever saw was 15 minutes. But, when I was at the park in July of 2013, Mantis had a wait time of an hour and 45 minutes. So,it is not always short.

I think the modified version is more about claiming that they have a new ride, and cutting down on passenger injuries. I saw a girl who returned to the station with a bloody ear, because the shoulder restraint ripped her ear ring from her ear. Could also be the age of the trains, and many other factors.

I also rode Batman Knight Flight when it was at Geauga Lake, and it was a capacity king, and the line was pretty short. So, the 3 train op, will keep crowds down. I'm hoping the new trains will be somehow different from a regular floorless, otherwise, there may still be a problem with head banging. Though the lack of groin pain may make up for it.

It will also be more tall rider friendly. My patner is 6'2" and he hated Mantis from day one. I'm only 5'5" so I love it, as my feet usually were usually in the air the whole ride. My Brother loved it too. Though said it did give him a head ache.

We have all agreed that Mean Streak is a pile of crap.

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I didn't do it! I swear!!

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Obviously you can load a floorless train much faster, and since it would appear that they're adding magnetic brakes, they likely don't have to worry about the rough stop they had back in the day when they stacked three trains. Those were pretty brutal. I never understood why the ride was set up to do that either, because it sure seems like there is plenty of space to stack two trains behind the station after the little 90-degree turn.

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^^^There are always going to be negative people that are never satisfied or appreciative no matter what you give them. I hope the parks are looking at the overall attitude / response at the events and not letting a select few ruin it.

I know I've surrounded myself with great people from the community when I was at GateKeeper and Banshee's media days, but personally, I don't remember seeing any negativity from others. I saw many excited enthusiasts being orderly, waiting in lines, respecting media guidelines, taking pictures, and seemingly enjoying themselves. I saw an outpouring of thank you's and praise on CP and KI fansites after both events.

I've heard of a few rude, entitled enthusiasts at the events, and it's disappointing yet expected. I'm sure there are some similar media crews. The park should simply ban these individuals from future event invites.

The Rougarou Media Day isn't exclusively for media. It'll be open to 200 enthusiasts, but you must have a winning ticket from the Winter Chill Out event.

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I personally think if upper management has to get involved because you're having such a meltdown that you should be banned from all parks the company owns. Period.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I would love the details on that meltdown...

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I didn't witness the incident, but read reports on the boards about an individual throwing a tantrum to CP management last year. He didn't show up at the scheduled time, hence wasn't admitted into the new haunt during Halloweekends preview night.

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