Rollin' on the River the Final Time 8/22/08

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Off to HersheyPark! on a cloudy warm day. Beautiful park weather. Since we were comped to get in, I took advantage of the $20 parking. Not much closer, but a short stroll past the stadium down the hill.

I did not do any waterpark attractions, instead focusing on the dry rides. First ride was a 25min wait for the Comet. Its a great ride. A little slow on loading and unloading, but worth the wait. 9/10. Its their best woodie.

Across the park to Lightning Racer, my girlfriend's favorite, I rode and won both sides. Very smooth. 8.5/10. Back to Reeses Cup Challenge. No ridiculous wait like last summer. 7/10. Then onto Fahrenheit, and a 45min wait. Not a bad ride, and quite an impact for the footprint. Some side to side shaking like the regular Intamin hyper trains, and some head bangin' on the final 2 inversions. I give it an honest 7/10, due to the fact I think the pricetag is a bit steep. Just my opinion. Also, why was very few females in line, and not many riders in the 20-30yr bracket.

Time for the final trip on Canyon River Rapids. They gave me my own boat, and it was a great on ride photo. They are making a huge misstake removing the ride, but its not my park. 9/10.

On the passive side, Kissing Tower, 8/10, Monorail, 7/10, Dry Gulch Train, 7/10, all with good moving lines. Great Bear is still B&M's best mide sized thriller, 8.5/10, and my favorite, sooperdooperlooper, 9/10. There is a section where Great Bear and SDL do side by side fly by's. I never noticed that before, but experienced it both times. Quite impressive.

As for food, HersheyPark is improving. We had sliders at Shakey's, sausage at Wurstburg Grill, Cold Stone, and it was a worthy 7/10. Great improvement, and the food court in the Pioneer Frontier is a hidden secret in the industry. I can now eat at HP, and I love to eat.

Overall, the experience was good. Park was clean, pinball machines at the Minetown arcade, and everything was Hersheypark Happy! 8.5/10.

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