RollerCoasterPhysics / Waldameer

From June 20 -30 at the Tom ridge Center across from Waldameer they will be showing Roller Coaster Physics on the Big Green Screen. The Price is 3 dollars and the show is 30 minutes. I saw it yesturday and it is taught me a few things I did not know about rollercoasters before. So you should check it out.

What: Roller Coaster Physics

Where: Tom Ridge Center (Across the road from Waldameer)

When: 6pm daily

Price 3 Dollars.

The show is all recycled Discovery Channel stuff, so you might have seen it all before. And a lot of it is kind of dated. Although it is interesting to see Cedar Point *without* Millennium Force, Dragster, Maverick, maXair, and in fact without the Wheel on the beach!

I guess it's appropriate to use recycled television material for a show at the environmental center. :)

Oh...the show also contains some information that is inaccurate not just because it is dated, but simply because it is wrong. I'm sure you can figure out what. :)

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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