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I can just see it...a group of enthusiasts trying to calm each other, "Shhhh....the piece of the Schwarzkopf chain is going into the basement of the 4th building on the right!" (Sound of pencils sketching in sync) Where do I sign up, or is this a Freemason kind of thing?

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Jeph said: this a Freemason kind of thing?

Oh, it goes MUCH deeper than that.

We Stonecutters have many artifacts in storage.

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We could tell you, but then the illuminati would kill you. Oops. I've said too much.

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Coaster enthusiasts put secret messages into amusement park related media all the time, and only members of the secret community know what to look for and how to decipher them. That's how we know park secrets, like who is buying what rides, and what will be built at the parks next. We get this info way before anyone else.

However, lately there is a lot of controversy about the parks releasing false clues that throw people off. They are doing so because a lot of people are figuring out the codes and symbolisms. Although it is successful in preventing the GP from figuring out what parks are building next, it is also unintentionally preventing the clues from getting to the people who are supposed to be "In The Know", so to speak.

Because of this problem, there is a rift in the club, slowly tearing it apart. Some of us theorize that the whole point of it all is to break the secret society up so it can't exist in it's current from anymore. Some of us suspect that their is a concerted effort to keep enthusiasts form knowing anything that the GP doesn't know. Some think that it's a conspiracy that reaches the highest offices in the amusement industry.

Aliens from another planet kind of stuff. lol

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Agent Johnson said:

We Stonecutters have many artifacts in storage.

I quit that organization and joined the No Homers club a couple years back. It's pretty sweet. We meet in an old Baskin-Robbins.


First the homophones, Ensign. Now no homers... What has become of this site? I suppose they all eat at Chick-Fil-A.

Thats the 'Ancient Order of No Homers'.

Watch this, but don't say you got it from me.

Lord Gonchar said:

Oh, it goes MUCH deeper than that.

Conspiracy theorists believe that Area 51 is where the government hides crashed UFOs.... No.... But it IS where they keep defunct Cuddle-Ups.

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"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

I usually recognize when I'm in the presence of Mason when the top of the Eiffel Tower pokes over the trees...

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Area 51 is a red herring. All the good stuff is down the road at Area 52.


Where are the old Mill Chutes and Circle Swings hidden?

And the Bug? Where's it at?

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kpjb said:

Area 51 is a red herring. All the good stuff is down the road at Area 52.

In between the two, cleverly hidden, is a train station to Hogwarts....Area 51-1/2.

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I think that's also the location of the secret passage to John Malkovich's brain.

I actually know of some Travers Circle Swings out there waiting for new life. Mill Chutes? Not extinct either.

I actualy wondered if Dorney Park ever intended on refurbishing and re-instaling their Traver Rocket Swing until Cedar Fair took over. The structure had remained for a season or two after the ride closed but was then torn down after the 92' season along with the Journey to the Center of the Earth mill chute next to it.

Regrettable to see a coaster coming out. I never liked their water park simply because it was Shoehorned in. They could have redesigned the Golf o=course and build a solid water park across the street.

Anyways, While I'm sure this could make an amazing addition at a small park I don't see many parks biting at the 800K Price tag.

Has anybody seen the bridge? Where is that confounded bridge.

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