Roller coaster/amusement park gifts

I'm curious what everybody's favorite trinkets/memorabilia/gifts they have or want, dealing with roller coasters or amusement parks.


tall and fast but not much upside down

Magnets, the afore-mentioned shirts and wristbands.

I keep them on until they just can't hold on any longer.

Whenever I am having a rotten day...I see them and I'm reminded that "THAT" was a good day.

Once they fall I tape them to a section of my wall and hang 'em like military medals.

I've also seen some nice calendars and I have a set of collectable Roller Coaster Cards.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

Season pass.

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I started writing a post that sounded strangely familiar, then decided to just link myself. As an update to that post, I did finally get a KI logo mug a few years ago, and a Six Flags Ohio one off eBay.

Coaster wheels! Hard to find, but I enjoy having "game used" coaster wheels in my "man cave". One of my favorites is from the original mine train at SFOT.

Astroworld.....Gone But Not Forgotten

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Definitely calendars. For the past several years I've been creating my own coaster calendar with my own coaster photos through Shutterfly. This is a way to relive fond memories and I'm excited about next year's calendar b/c I have so many new photos of coasters I rode for the first time this year. After that T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. The T-shirts are a given whereas some of the other stuff I got by default. For instance, at both Six Flags Great America and Alton Towers it was very warm one day and chilly the next so I ended up with a SFGA jacket and a Smiler sweater.


I like collecting magnets, T shirts, postcards, and ride photos.

An Alan Schilke autographed wheel. Now that would be the pinnacle of coaster swag.

That would be pretty sweet!

If I had a large family room I would love one of the old Cedar Point Dodgem cars in the corner. Not a very realistic wish I know but it would be cool.

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