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I know since I first became a roller coaster enthusiast I have watched a roller coaster being built every year. For example:

2005: Batman the Ride at SFNO

2006:Goliath and Expedition Everest

2007:Maverick and Furious Baco

2008:Batman the Dark Knight (probably because I bought Six Flags stock this offseason)

Anyone else generally only watch one or two roller coasters being built, every year?

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Up close, and personal, I watched the Knoebels Twister being built, for about a 2 month period, back in '99, as part of a photojournalism course.

Every other coaster that I've ever had interest in, I tracked over the net;

2006; Kentucky Rumbler, and Voyage; Yes I actually cared about Voyage at one time.

2007; Troy, Starliner, and Knightmare at Camelot(Mainly because I was fortunate to ride it at Kobe Portopialand as BMRX, before the park closed).

2007 through 2008; Knoebels Flying Turns.

2008; Evel Knievel, and Farenheit.

Looks like everybody is too involved with watching the progression of, their coasters of concern, to give a comment.
The question sounds a little like: Are you a coaster nerd enough to spend your days spasmically clicking those construction site photo reports?
Well... I can't say I'm that much into it - the last time I watched on a dayly basis was probably certain phases of TTDs construction - and also Phantasialand's Black Mamba.

Apart from that, I sometimes just get too bored waiting for things to happen.

I dont watch daily basis, too much of one thing like that is bad, its more like one hour ;)

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Does the "Wacky Worm" at the local county fair count?

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From time to time, I get caught up in checking on construction progress of certain coasters, mainly woodies, but generally I don't care enough to follow their progress.

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In 2000, my dad works for a company called PSI which sends him different place to inspect different stuff and in 2000 they sent him to Six Flags which bought Geauga Lake and he was doing the inspection on Batman Knight Flight.One day he went there and told me i can come with him so I was allowed to walk up the lift hill with him too bad i didnt get any of the pictures that i took on a cd though.
^ Yeah huh. So does PSI specialize in inspecting roller coasters, or was it just some sort of random thing? I googled "PSI", but didn't turn up anything relating to roller coaster inspections.

Not trying to give you a hard time; maybe you could provide a little more enlightenment on the subject.

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This year it's all about RFII and Behem.

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I guess it was just a random job.I dont know what all the company inspects.
I only care about my own park, a roller coaster that I think might be really good, or a park that I'm going to on vacation, and for example I want to see if Tatsu was open when it was being built.
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Just occasional webcams. The first coaster I saw being built via webcam was MForce in 1999. :) I don't really pay attention to webcams anymore but at the time I thought it was the most fascinating thing ever.


Rock Bottom Plunge has been kind of interesting. Very quick install of the ride. I watched the Knobels flying turns for awhile.

Back when Phantom's Revenge was being built I stayed glued to the screen through out the deconstruction of the Steel Phantom and reconstruction of the ride.

In '97-'98 World of Fun was building Mamba, I had never seen a coaster as big as what they were building. I think that's where my interest in coasters kind of spawned from (other than loving to ride them).

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Thanks to the Bungholes at Cedar Fair, I have been able to watch several get dismantled recently!

I followed Storm Runner being built at Hersheypark. I was fortunate to have had access to getting some great construction photo's(some are up on RCDB.) I could get some good footage of the construction of Fahrenheit, but don't really have the time or the desire that I used to.

Like others have said it's much easier to just sit at home and check the progress on the internet. I have checked out the young enthusiast's pics of Fahrenheit's progress, and those pics are just fine to check out! ;)

For me in person construction watches were:

Thunder Run and T2; TR Dinn let me walk all over the site for pictures. T2 mainly watched from the outside fence M&V did the set up work.

All of the Holiday World coasters, the park was vary nice and sweet to let me all over the constuction site for all the coasters.

Visionland Aka Alabama Adventure: Got to see the whole park built from the ground up, even got to go to the grand opening.

Oh and I forgot Georgia Cyclone another walk around the site and get video's and pictures.

Downer things seeing Springlake Big Dipper torn down and the Dallas Comet too.

For me, I've only watched one, and I'm still watching it. It would be the Ravine Flyer II. Basically, if I'm on that side of town I take a side stop to see progress. Periodically I'll look for the photo updates. The main reason I'm so interested in this coaster is the long story behind it, and it it's the first major coaster for Waldameer.

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