roller coaster wallpaper and border

Does anyone know if they make wallpaper or borders with roller coaster theming? If so, does anyone have an idea where I could purchase it?

Belmont Babe found a roller coaster/amusement park border on eBay. She was told at the time of purchase that it was orginally purchased at Home Depot. It is made by Graham & Brown of Blackburn, England. It is pattern #99036. Good luck on your search!

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Check your e-mail. I sent you some pics of the wall border hand painted myself. :-)


P.S. ~ Anyone else interested in the steps to paint your own roller coaster border, or want to see the pics of my work, just let me know.

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Thank you for the suggestions. The handpainted border looks very good. I just might look into doing something like that.

I like to see both, jkpark...thanks!

--George H
---Superman the ride...coming to a SF park near you soon...

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Thanks. When I finished the border, it really set off my bedroom nice with all of my amusement park and roller coaster memorablia hanging up.

Keeping Youngstown Living Exciting

do u still have rollercoaster wall decorations you can send, or know where i can find wall border?

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