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Motorola’s site for road trippers lets users share and see road trip experiences in a gallery that pulls pics, videos, blog postings and bookmarks tagged “mototrips” from YouTube, Flickr, and other sites.
Now, it also features tips from Eric Gieszl, founder of, for reviews and suggestions for some great coasters across the country!
Check it out at
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Wow. talk about blantant spam.

Sure, we all love rollercoasters, and some of us may visit that site.

But (1) there are rules in the TOS that forbid posts such as this.
and (2) I am sure Jeff would like people to pay for "advertising" since he fronts most of the expense of this site himself.

Who wants to place a bet that FH212 will never have another post?

Guess who's back? Back Again? James K's back. Tell a friend.

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Yes, he will never have another post.

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Closed topic.

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