Roller Coaster or Not?

If there were a roller coaster planned for a park the next year what types of signs if any would you see on the land planned for the coaster during that year? My next question is what is the normal range of time before it's planned to open for them to begin construction?
Well, I don't have any pictures, but anyone who was at Hersheypark in 2003 can tell you that there were spraypainted markings everywhere where Storm Runner went in. These were typically circles or triangles in different colors with codes like C23 i.e.--which probably would mean column 23.

Another sign you may look for is ribbons tied around trees, indicating that they are going to be removed. The problem in this scenario is that the trees could be coming down for anything.

Normally, the cycle of construction would go like this: 1) park or corporate determines what coaster is desired 2) determine where you have room for it, and does something else need to be removed to put that new ride in? 3) prep the land--this could be done two-years ahead of time 4) get the parts 5) assemble the coaster 6) build the station and queue and 7) test

Don't forget steps 1a and 1b.

1a, a great increase in activity around the Dippin' Dots stand.

1b, a 7-page thread on this site where everyone claims to know exactly what's happening.

:) I jest of course.

In this case theres several different color flags all over the place and dirt clearings about 2ft-3 ft wide and its in an area that's just brush so it's not in ground sprinkling or scenery being put in, there may be markings on the ground that are hidden due to the brush but at this time no markings are visible so who knows if theres a coaster coming there or not.
On many occaisions I have ran into fellow Acers while visiting a park, and naturally there will be some gossip on what's going where. Most of it (About 90 %) will prove to be false however I've gotten some word about new coasters before the parks announced it officially. (Many Parks try to keep New Coaster Announcements under wraps for as long as possible lest a competing park attempts to "One Up" them) While Visiting EPCOT in December of 1982 I ran into some Acers who were from the Massachusetts Area and they gave me the news that Riverside Park (Now SFNE) was "Up to Something" (Turned out to be the Cyclone). In August of 1999 While Having Breakfast with some Acers at Knoebals I picked up a tidbit that PTC was working on an order for trains "For a Park in South Florida". (Dania Beach Hurricane it later turned out!) Half the fun of getting news off the Grapevine is Separating the Truth from the Balony! ;)

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Hoek, I'm telling you, mention the park and someone here will tell you what's going on.

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Cedar Point had "teaser" signs up for Maverick in May of last year. (That is to say, pithy sayings in Frontiertown.)
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Spraypainted survey markings for SFOG Goliath's footers were clearly visible in June 2005.
Well.. Canada's Wonderland has A LOT and of markers in the ground on sticks in between IJ:ST and orbiter. Possibly a new coaster for 08 or something big. So maybe an early sign of something good to come.

S:ROS = <3
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Hoek, I'm telling you, mention the park and someone here will tell you what's going on.

Isn't Hoek the one always talking about Michigan's Adventure?

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In general, the bigger the installation, the longer the lead-time. Widely spread markings on the ground, esp. with number/letter codes, *could* mean your favorite park is getting a new coaster. Support columns are generally marked off that way...
For Renegade at VF. Stakes with orange and yellow flags appeared in the clearing behind the souvenier shop around mid August (I think). And if you peered through the fence along the access road you could only see a couple of more in the woods.

Those markings wownd up to be for the loading station and que area.

Thanks for another great season, VF!

I forgot one sign--a big wood fence closes off an entire section of the park and you can only see the maintenance shed under construction. That would be a reference to Apollo's Chariot in the fall of 98'.

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