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When I was kid in the 90s, I remember watching a movie about a bomb on a roller coaster. I have been trying to find the name of the movie for a few years now.

I may have the storyline wrong as I haven't seen it for at least 15 years but here is what I remember:

A girl is sent to live with her aunt or mother who owns an amusement park. Someone tries to destroy the park. Something happens with the simulator ride and log flume. The person doing it distorts their voice and makes threats. The movie concludes with a bomb being on the roller coaster and the suspect and park employee fight on the tracks. The bomb goes off if the train stops or something. Eventually the suspect falls to his death.

Does this sound familiar? I swear the movie was called Thriller but I can't find any record of it on IMDB or any movie site.


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What you just described sounds pretty much like a 50/50 mash up of Rollercoaster and 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain.

Or 'Thrill,' which it certainly wasn't ;)

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Oh man. Thrill sounds deliciously awful.

Let's watch it:

Wow. Thanks!

I don't know why I never just tried "Thrill."

It was a really awful movie but i was 9 and loved it. My mom taped it on VHS and I would watch it everyday.

Thanks, invy!!!

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The first seven minutes were hilarious, but I don't think I want to spend time on watching the rest. lol


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

Yer Welcome!

Cheers Gonch... It makes "The Death of Ocean View Park" look worthy of an Oscar...

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Roller coaster is one of the most known movies about roller coasters, and it is also a very good movie. Vacation would be one of the others, though there is only a few minutes of coaster footage in it. But, there are other movies that involve amusement parks that were not so good.

Kiss meets the phantom of the park. Where a scientist wants to take the KISS rock band, and replace them with robots,that can perform continuously. I was just a kid when I saw it, but, I think the band has to fight the robots or something like that. Back in the 70's when KISS was really big. I guess during that time a lot of bands were making movies. Sonny and Cher had a TV show, as did Donny and Marie, and the Patridge family was a hit show. And the Monkeys.

Are more recent amusement park themed Movie was Adventureland. Which was supposed to be a comedy, but it was not funny at all. Summer job romance flick, and kind of Lame. Should have called it Lame land.

I have not seen Thrill, though now I will have to look it up.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

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You don't have to "look it up," Timber-Rider. It was posted in it's entirety just four posts above yours. Remember?


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

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1) SPOILER ALERT!!!! Hello?!? Haha, just kidding.

2) Look no further than "ZombieLand" for the best theme park movie, even though it's only at the end where they end up in the park.

3) Maybe that Final Destination scene?... It was good for a few laughs.

4) Best roller coaster themed commercial? (It has a duck in it... duh)

Too stupid to imbed a video. Looking. If I find out how, I'll edit.

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Lame Land ??? I thought that was Cedar Fair's goal for Michigan's Adventure!

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Hey Lostkause, when I said "Look it up." I meant on netflix. If it's there. I don't have cable, and can't watch videos online. My internet is too slow.

I didn't do it! I swear!!

Oh wow, I remember kind of sort of watching this movie on television while I was doing my homework and thinking how awful and unrealistic it was. I did not know it was that old. I thought it was from 1999. The best part of the movie has to be when "Loader/Grouper" (Walt Disney Parks jargon) dispatches the train instead of "Panel" and presses enter on a keyboard. That is EXACTLY how it is done in real life (in NoLimits). :)

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Yeah I can remember waiting for Thrill to come on back in the days when we thirsted for any park/coaster TV entertainment, after I saw it I decided that I was better off without it. Went back to my VHS coaster tapes.

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