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Just curious: what is the best coaster you have ever been on-wooden or steel-and what is the worst one? For me, the best would be the Voyage, and I don't have a worst one. Maybe I'll have one after I've ridden more...I've only ridden four different coasters in my entire life:(

The Voyage: 2007 NUMBER 1 WOODIE! I'm a Voyage freak and proud of it too!
Naming "best" coasters is not the proper purpose of the threads we have here but we could certainly use the threads to list some good ones for you to ride.

One steel coaster I have ridden that is highly recommended is Phantom's Revenge at KW. CP has one of the best collections of top-notch steel including Millenium Force, Raptor, and now the new Maverick.

Many of the best wooden coasters are at smaller parks. Any wooden coaster at Holiday World or Knoebels comes highly recommended although I haven't made it to either of these parks yet.

As for "bad" coasters, there are some around and many threads here mention them. One of the worst was Psyclone at Siix Flags Magic Mountain (SFMM) but that park mercifully removed it recently.

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In before.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
I really like Hulk at IOA and Kracken at SWO. As for the homer pick I would say Mamba, Patriot, and Timberwolf from Worlds of Fun.
My top choices for both wood and steel... Not necessarily my favorites but some excellent rides! Too hard for me to pick favorites :)

Nitro at Six Flags Great Adventure
Kraken at Sea World Orlando
Dueling Dragons at Islands of Adventure
Raptor at Cedar Point
Maverick at Cedar Point

Thunderhead at Dollywood
Voyage at Holiday World
Wildcat at Hershey Park
Phoenix at Knoebels
Georgia Cyclone at Six Flags over Georgia

Dont this topic violate TOS?

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Yes, it does. I expect it'll be closed soon.
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What Moosh and Ex_Westview said.

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Thanks Mamoosh I thought so.

I made the same mistake about making a 'favorite' topic that got deleted.

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Closed topic.

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