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I have been drawing roller coasters and theme parks my whole life, and recently created a new website with lots of my drawings on them. They are all original designs, but based on actual rides and locations.

Check out:


I remember seeing some of these in '05. Good stuff buddy.

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When people asked me what I wanted tobe when I grow up, I told trhem I wanted to design and own my own amusement park. I think there's a lot of us on Coasterbuzz with that in common.

I spent at least a few hours a day drawing parks. My best park took a few years to complete. When it was finished, I couldn't draw any more. I had an artistic block, which caused me to outgrow it.

Your drawings look way better than mine did.


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You should scan in your drawings and put them up...Id be interested to see them!

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I started when I was 5. I quit when I was about 15. The only thing I have left is my last park-to-end-all-parks. It's laminated. It's an overhead view / map style inspired by an old Kings Island brochure that I had. The theme park I designed was inspired by Magic Mountain, even though I have never been.

People who don't know much about amusement parks always claimed they couldn't understand what it was until I explained that it was an overhead view, much like landscape or blueprints. I would explain what each ride was and by the time they were finished looking at it, they were impressed. Elevation was not represented in the map, so onle the coasters path would be shown and not the hills.

I looked at it about a year ago and realized that although it's not exactly to scale, it sure seems close. I don't really remember seeing a satellite view of an amusement park before drawing the park.

It was drawn and shaded with colored pencils.

Durring those years I was addicted to any kind of large paper that i could write on. I had "typing paper" to draw my parsks on, but they were really not big enough. I prefered poster board. This last park I drew was on the back of a book cover that the Army was passing out at school.

Knowing this about me, you can imagine how thrilled I was when sim-amusement park games started coming out.

I know where it is. I'll dig it out in a few days and scan it and upload it to my photobucket account.

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"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

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Here is something I was doodling back in my tenth grade class... I was going to do Cedar Point entirely, but quit... Looking back, it isn't bad, and even the positioning of everything seems pretty well.

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Thanks for sharing! You have good depth perception. I like how Maxair is the one flat ride on there! Good ride!

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