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Hey Guys.

My name is Blane. I'm a student at Purdue University, and I'minterested in joining the Theme Park Engineering group there when it isup and running. But in the mean time, I am working on a Web CommunityProject for my English class. For this project I have to be active inan online community for 2 weeks and at the conclusion of the 2 weekswrite a report about my experience.

I'm interested in learning what about Roller Coasters has people sointerested and in some cases "addicted" to them. Obviously, I havebeen on Roller Coasters, but I'm looking for what other people findenjoyable, exciting, and addicting about Roller Coasters.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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As I understand it, the coaster "bug", as some people call it, is comparable to how some people like automobiles or aircraft. Not only do some enthusiasts enjoy riding them, but they would feel joy just sitting on a bench and watching them too. They, like autos, are works of art that can interact with the five senses. They capture our imagination, and, again, like autos, most enthusiasts are very excited to see what the next, new coaster will be like.

They are very powerful, and sometimes high-tech, machines, that can take your breath away just by hearing a description of them.

Good luck with your project. I think a thread not only will help you to understand, but may help us to understand our hobbie better as well.

^ Bingo!

You might want to check out the "Signs of a coaster junkie" thread.

The more the merrier. Besides, you might like it so much, you'll stivk around for a lot longer than two weeks! ;)

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Don't capitalize "roller coasters."

The signs of a junkie thread is good and fairly I am more interested in what elements of the coasters or the ride itself that makes it so appealing. For example, the first drop, the airtime, loops, G-forces, etc.

When I saw the title of this thread, I thought someone was going to teach us how to use proper English and grammar. :)

^^ I like all of the forces you have mentioned. I enjoy the anticipation of the first drop, air-time for making me feel like I will fly out of my seat, even though I know I won't, G-forces and inversions for the force they create and the sense of flying. I am an adrenaline junkie and love coasters so much because they give me the chance to move at speeds and in directions which cannot be done under normal circumstances or in regular life situations. I enjoy the rush I get, probably form endorphines, which makes me feel excited and happy whenever I am on a coaster. I like the sense of perceived danger while being in a situation in which there is almost no real danger. Roller coasters are the one thing which I enjoy more than any other hobby or activity which I do for fun.

There is also a nostalgia factor for me since my dad and I started riding coasters together when I was 7 years old and many of my happiest memories growing up happened with my dad and I riding coasters together at Magic Mountain or Knott's Berry Farm and my mom, who has since passed away, following us around and watching us do our favorite activity even though she didn't ride herself since she was afraid to. When I was a kid many of my friends used to go to the parks with us too.

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Different elements are loved by different enthusiasts. One reason people, in general, love coasters is because they make our bodies react as if we are in danger, when our brains are telling us that we are safe. There are two fears that humans are born with. If I recall correctly, one is the fear of loud noises, and the other is a fear of falling. Every other fear is learned.

Loud noises = Haunts
Falling = Roller coasters


I would think that the answer to why will differ based on the enthusiast. What initially draws you in may not be what makes you an enthusiast. For many the interest will evolve over time. And I suspect that is true with respect to other interests/hobbies that for some are true passions.

I think the reason why we love coasters is that they are just plain FUN for us. Plus, most of us have a quasi-mutual respect for each other's likes and dislikes.

You might have one person who's a diehard woodie fan, and one guy who'll only ride steel coasters. Those two people will have some sort of respect for the other type of coaster. I'm one of those guys who'll ride ANYTHING once, and if I like it, I'll have a second lap.

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RatherGoodBear said:
When I saw the title of this thread, I thought someone was going to teach us how to use proper English and grammar. :)

Funny. I said to myself, "What? You can't aim a coaster train left or right of center! They're stuck to the tracks!"

Well, now that I think about it, if a coaster seriously derails, it could theoretically have 'english".


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This is exactly the information I am looking for! Thank you everybody and keep posting!

^ We try bro! We may be a little crazy, but we're MOSTLY harmless. (except for Gonch & Moosh :) Watch out for them! )

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Hey any input is good for me!

Let me guess you're acting like Johnny 5 right about now.

"Imput. Need Imput. That's GOOD imput!"

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^^ Don't say that too loud around Moosh. Seriously....

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