Roller coaster checks

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Blue People fly sideways when it rains...

I ordered a batch of the B&M checks a few years ago. I was thoroughly unimpressed with the customer service I received when there was a printing error.

The checks were cool, though. Started quite a few conversations at the checkout.

Then I got Care Bears checks. My wife made fun of me.

I hope your wife wasn't the only one . . . ;)

Those look very cool. I especially like the Intamin series. I'll have to check on pricing compared to where we usually get them, but if it's not too out of line I may get those when we run out.

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Oh, she wasn't. The incredibly flamboyant guy at the bank who took the order made fun of me, too. ;)

But, hey. They were free checks with my new checking account!

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I currently have the wood coaster series checks. I especially like the El Toro one. I need to reorder soon and will probably try an Intamin series. Love me some Supes.

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People still use checks?

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Oh, shut up, Mr. High and Mighty First Adopter 21st Century. ;)

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While I pay the majority of our bills online or through automatic withdrawal, I still need checks for some things. Can't pay Fantasy Football league fees with a credit card. Can't tithe at church with a credit card. Can't pay for softball/basketball registration with a credit card. Can't pay for school pictures and other school orders with a credit card and sending cash isn't something that I'm comfortable with until my daughter shows some responsibility. Not only that, but who carries cash anymore? ;) Come to think of it, the majority of the checks I write are for things for my daughter at school and playing sports.

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You really can't pay for school pictures with a credit card yet, Lori?

We have for quite a few years now and this was the first year they actually preferred you go online to order then send your confirmation number in with your child.

Been doing school lunches with plastic for years too. But yeah, the 'afterschool' stuff is still not plastic friendly.

There's also talk of being able to use cards for football registration this year. They already acept them for spirit items and such, so it seems like a logical progression.

For us the last big holdout was paying rent, but since we bought the house, the mortgage is electronic now too.

We usually move and need to order new checks with the correct address before we run out of checks and have to reorder.

rollergator's avatar checks still have the 19** prefix to the year. I write them out tax, and not much else. If you love my business, you either take plastic or do EFTs.

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I seem to remember that someone here used to sell coaster checks.

I still use cash, and my Debt card. I've only wrote out 3 or 4 checks in my entire life.


"CoasterBuzz - It feels like home" :)

This is the first year we've been able to deposit money electronically into her school lunch fund. They didn't even have individual lunch fund accounts until last year.

I could pay for the school pictures with a credit card, except they want you to put all the information on the outside of the envelope for everyone to see. No thanks, I'll write a check.

The sports registrations aren't directly with the school, they are non-profit associations set up for individual sports, so no plastic there. It's not until they get in middle/high school when the school actually starts paying for stuff and registration goes through the school.

We also do charity donations for walks/runs, bowl-a-thons, etc that I write checks for as receipt if I can't do it online.

Trust me, if I could use plastic or online/auto pay, I would and I do as much as I can. 200 checks can last quite awhile.

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Only thing I write checks for is the rent. I've had the same box of checks for almost 6 years. :-D

We gave up on paying rent with checks. Our bank will mail our landlord a check using online bill pay. Win.

I'm using the woodies series of checks from them. No complaints on the service or the checks. There are still a few things I have to write checks for, usually to individuals since most businesses take credit cards.

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I never use my checks anymore except for the mortgage. Everything else is paid for online. :)

I have been used to my check card for years. :)

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I'll soon have a mortgage too. :) We're putting an offer in on a house today.

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Good luck Josh!


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