Roll Call: Coastin' by the Ocean

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I will be attending Coastin' by the Ocean at Morey's Piers for the second year next weekend. Is anyone else planning on attending?

The event was already a great value with two days of rides and slides, ERT, backstage tour, and dinner for $65 but this year they have also added two breakfasts, and a third day (Friday) that you are able to use your ride and slide pass. All for the same price as last year, that has to be one of the best entertainment values anywhere. There was also something about beach camping, but I didn't read much into that as I will be staying in a nice warm bed.

Hope to see some of you there!

Well, our beach is pretty warm too. About 84' now.

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I was *thisclose* to finally making Coastin' this year...a bunch of friends will be there. I know this is one of those events, and I'm sorry to have to miss it...have a GREAT time!

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We loved Coastin' by the Ocean last year. One of the best events out there. But since we just got back from 8 days in Texas, the wallet is a little thin to go on another major trip.

Hope to make it next year though.

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People forget to use that this year. I need to make it more prominent. :)

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I used it a few weeks ago, but assumed no one would see it because it seems to get less use these days.

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I don't want most of the freaks on here to know where to find me in public. :p

Seriously, I sometimes forget to use it. It is a really awesome tool though.

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Lets see... Chryslers at Carlisle for car parts or Coasters by the Ocean? hmmm...

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Thanks for reminding me about the calendar, I totally forgot that feature existed. I'll put it on there now.

@ Dave, I remember meeting you last year at Coastin by the Ocean in line for the SkyScraper. That reminds me that there is ERT on the up-charge rides, I totally forgot about that!

There is ERT in IT also!

Agent Johnson said:
There is ERT in IT also!

In what? :)

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In IT!

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I thought that IT had quotation marks.

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You thought what had quotation marks?


IT bears repeating...

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I thought it was lower-case *and* had quotes.... "it".

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Who's on first?

What's on 2nd

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Captain Hawkeye said:
What's on 2nd

I don't know.

The amusement park rises bold and are huddled on the beach in a mist

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Third base!

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