Rocky point amusement park.

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Does anyone know of or have any pics/info on whats left of rocky point amusement park that was in RI?

The only pics I could find were from 2001. Right here.

This is the park that Mr hydes fall from geauga lake came from. It looked like a great park, I wonder why it closed. I am just wondering as to how the park looks today and what remains.


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I thought that you were talking about an amusement in Rocky Point, Mexico. Almost evrybody in Arizona goes there on vaction at least once. It is Arizona's closest beach.
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Isn't the entire State a beach? ;)

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^ Arizona is not sand, it is actually dirt rock and cati in the south. In the north it is pine forest and red rock.
And it has all that ocean front property ;)
I remember going there back in 1995. At th time I was 7 so I really didnt understand the the park was going to close forever. I do remember riding the Corkscrew about 30 time because the place was quiet and the old man operating the ride encouraged me to stay on. Can also remember the zyclone, and the unusual house of horrors because of the chain lift inside of the ride. Biggest scare of the night was just making the height requirement for the Freefall and riding an Intamin drop tower for the first time, and I was scary but I loved the ride.

Also remember the dining hall, where we ate fried clam strips and chowder outside overlooking the water.
Even though I only went once because it was about 4 hours from my house, it had the small seaside park charm to it, which America seems to be losing these days.

Looking at the satellite images from Googlemaps, it appears that many of the buildings are still there, and you can easily see the old vacant "footprints" of the rides, even maknig out the "pool" that the Log flume splashed into on the SW side of the park. It sits on the end of Warwick Neck, and is surrounded pretty much by woods... not encroached with development. Not sure how old the satellite image is.

As to why it closed... who knows. Like I said, certainly wasn't because a developer wanted the land since the park is still sitting there abandoned.

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