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Got up before the dawn's early light on Friday Dec 17th to make breakfast for my husband and I and get our belongings together so we can trek from Vegas to Anaheim, and spend the day with Mickey and Minnie. My last visit was just over 4 years ago, and Brent hadn't been in almost 14 years. We drove I-15s to 91w, took 55s, hooked onto 22w, then I-5n, and presto, in just 3 and and a half hours, were at the "happiest place on Earth".

No waiting (yet) to buy park tickets, so we're in and navigate directly to the Haunted Mansion to get our Fastpass for later. mOOSH has convinced us not to go until after sundown, for reasons he says will be apparant. So being in Orlean's Plaza, we make Pirates our first ride of the day. The trip down memory lane sets the tone for the rest of the day; we are very glad to be here! Pirates is a classic, and there's just simply nothing else to say. Except that it is a long ride, making other attractions seem brief by comparison.

Next up, the Indy Jones ride. I power rode this until the park's closure on my last visit, and was eager to ride it again. Brent had heard me talk it up for 4 years now, and he finally got his chance. We both enjoyed it very much, but were somewhat let down. Brent thought it didn't quite match the hype (his Mom visited recently and also told him it was a fantastic ride), and I thought it lost a few teensy bits of luster since Sept '00. An example is the section of the ride where your supposed to feel like poison darts are passing dangerously close to you, a scene from the beginning of "Raiders". Well, back in the double otts, to me, it truly did feel that way. Like little jets of supressed air giving the sensation of something quickly darting right in front of your face and behind your neck. Well, on the two rides on this visit, both times felt more like random blasts of air than small, quick jets of air in rapid fire succession. A small thing, for sure, but a difference none the less. But still, we both agreed it was fun and thrilling.

The next question was, would BTMR have a line, or like in RCT, would peeps be avoiding it for a while. Well, those fabricated citizens are a whole lot more paranoid than real folk, as recent events were not keeping people away from this attraction, us included. While I have ridden lots and lots over the course of my visits, it was always closed on Brent's previous sojourns, so it would be new to him. Upon approching the loading platform, I asked if we could sit in the back. The ride op smiled and she said "If you say 'please'". I gave a very heart-felt "p-p-p-pleeeeaaaase"(trying to do my best roger Rabbit), and she courteously motioned us to the back seat (compliance!). BTMR is a fun ride, always has been. Brent agreed, glad to another credit to his name. we would re-ride immediately in the back, and then near the front after the sun went down. Not overtly thrilling, but fun just the same. I cannot recall another coaster with three lift hills that I've ridden. Perhaps CCMR at the Point, but, ummm, I was kinda out-of-it that day, and don't really remember.

Some over-priced food later, we were onto the Matterhorn. It's fun, but rough. I know that the roughness could play into the theming, but I sure am glad we took the advil before entering the park. It's still fun, in a nostalgic way, but one ride is enough. Over in Tomorrowland, Honey/ the audience 3-D provided a nice way to rest our feet. I've always enjoyed this show, which boasts good 3-D effects (the best are over at USH in T-3). As this was new to Brent, he found it more entertaining than he thought it would be, and we need to get his Mom and step-dad on it on our next visit (they foolishly skipped over it). From there, it's Star Tours, with absolutely no wait. It was better than I remembered actually, and Brent thought it was fun as well, though he commented that he thought it was short.

Onto Toontown, and the longest wait of the day, so far, for the shortest ride of the day, Gadget's Go-Coaster. 30 minutes for a line that didn't even look that long. It did provide, however, the smoothest ride of the three coasters, I will say that. Actually a fun ride for what it is. Now, if Disney would just fastpass this sucker...;)

We go to the car at sundown for some bottled water and a breather, and notice that now there is a huge line to buy tickets to get into the park! Strange, but maybe not; it is open until midnight. Upon re-entering it takes forever to get through, even with our hand-stamp. I guess those short waits were over. Good thing we already had a lot done by now! trying to get to any land was a chore, as the sidewalks of main street were clogged by now with folks wanting to watch a parade. Disney would do well to try and do something to fix this. We'd be walking and then come to a dead halt, for minutes at a time. Finally, a worker told us to use the street, even though people were telling us to get off the streets! They were doing this because we were personally holding up the parade? I don't know.

More crowds in Orleans Square, but a least some measure of traffic flow was in place. We get to the Haunted Mansion, the real reason for the trip, and use our fastpasses to swiftly enter the attraction. On our way, the hillside next to the queue was adorned in jack-0-lanterns, quite the sight at night. mOOSH was right! Both of us count "Nightmare before Christmas" as an all-time fave, and for years have been hearing how the attraction is all dressed up for the holidays to the theme of that film. Dressed up is hardly to the term. Completely refurbished is more like it! Almost every aspect has been converted over to compliment that film. Thje first thing I noticed is that the pictures in the elevator room are totally different, and when the lights dim, the roof of the room transforms still, but no longer into a sillouette of a swaying body in a noose. To say more would be unfair to those who have yet to make it here for the holidays, but if you like that Tim Burton produced film, the Haunted Mansion Holiday is worth the price of admission itself.

More over-priced food, numerous re-rides of our favorites, and a very good fireworks display later, it was time for the last ride of the night. Our 10:10 fastpasses for Indy. But to our horror, upon arrival at about 10:15, the fastpass line was overflowing out into the walkways of Adventureland. "You've gotta be s*%#tin' me, right?" Well, so much for leaving the park just after 10:30. Although it did save time off the hour plus stand-by, it was still a good 35-40min wait to ride with the passes. Still, no regrets about staying the extra hour.

New to me this trip was the Abe Lincoln attraction in Main Street. Kinda cheesy, but with great sound effects. Also new was Mr. Toad's wild ride. Neither of us knew the background, so this ride was kinda lost on us. Is that ending in Hell? Strange for a kid's ride at DL. Whatever. My past visits were so drivin by the thrill factor, that there are many, many rides and attractions that I simply never bothered with. Now that I can go multiple times a year, I vow to take in at least one of these smaller attractions every visit. I really want to do Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and Storybook Canals next. I can't wait until spring when we return with our friend Tony, who has never once been, and Brent's folks for a 3-4 day trip that will include our first visits to DCA!

With enough coffee and red bull, the drive home was managable. Arriving at 3:19am, kittie proceeded to read us her version of the riot act. So we gave her some food, and assured her we would listen to her tales of woe first thing in the morning. Then, happy to be home after a fantastic day, we snored our way until noon that day.

They Live. We Sleep.

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Cool TR Rob! I plan on visiting Disneyland (been to Calif Adventure but not Disneyland) sometime around Solace......just because. ;-)

Can't really agree with you on the Red Bull. I tried it once on my way to Magic Springs and it had no affect on me, except for a horrible aftertaste. Nasty stuff. :-(


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My 14 yr old daughter Swears by Red Bull. One good jolt before skiing from 10:30 pm to 3 AM keeps her going. I can't stand the stuff, give me coffee anytime.
-Tina: Interestsing point about the aftertaste. She has never made a ref to it tasting good at all.
***Merry Xmas to all!

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


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Unfortunately, too much coffee gives me heartburn; ditto for no-doze.

(note to self: Divas don't do RB).

Tina, as those Solace plans get finalized, keep me in mind. I know how much you and Dawn love Vegas (why do you think I moved here);)

They Live. We Sleep.

Forget the coffee - When I was little I got a mental picture that coffee was an "old adult's drink", and I'm not "that old" yet ;)

Forget the Red Bull (tastes horrible, although Amp isn't too bad :) .. $2/8oz can is expensive, though)

Forget the No Doze (too much like "popping pills" to me)

Bring on the good, old-fashioned Mt. Dew! Give me any flavor - original, code red, live wire, pitch black, baja blast, or Amp. It's all good. :) ;)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
Former Mt. Dew junkie here, had to come off of it:(...

Red Bull is wonderful...for dropping shots in:). Jager-Bombs, Tic-Tac shots, Blow Pop Shots, its all made possible by a grant from Red Bull.

Just ask anybody @ WVU...

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Current Mt. Dew Junkie here, weighing in on the flaves:
Original was da bomb; Coke's Mello Yello couldn't then, and still can't, touch it.
Then came Code Red- Best. Soft. Drink. Evah!
Livewire tastes like carbonated orange-flavored Robitussen.
Baja Blast doesn't fare much better- carbonated Gatorade.
Pitch Black is an ap name; all the flavor apparently got sucked into a black hole. Grape Fanta has more grape taste, and that's all artificial!

I highly suspect a Mt. Dew/ prune blend will be next. All they're waiting on is a catchy name.;)

I freaked out once when I came across a 7-11 that ran out of Code Red; fortunately, I quickly realized that Original mixed with cherry slurpy was a close approximation.

I know I need to quit, but how? How does someone "give up" one of the basic food groups??? Teckno...

Back on topic: I found No Code red in DL. I looked everytime we stopped for refreshments, but to no avail. :(

They Live. We Sleep.

Honestly, it was oddly easy for me. I seemed to have went cold turkey. I indulge every once in a while, but no longer keep a stash;).

I think my problem was that I worked in like 4 different jobs that offered free soda. I finally just got sick of it and decided it wasn't that great for me anyhow. I drink soda/pop/sodapop like I drink alcohol now, pretty much only socially. Or mixed with said alcohol.;)

I will drink raspberry or ginger ale (or my fave, raspberry ginger ale) kinda often, esp. if my stomach is not too happy. But I mostly drink water and milk.

Sorry that I can't give any real pointers other than to say that if you a certain amt. of soda and your metabolism isn't good or is slowing, you gain weight. That, coupled with the fact that I was loosing sleep and realized that it was the caffine, helped me to make the decision. I really felt like an addict coming off of something.

Thankfully, I still have chocolate, and will never give that up. Infact, recent studies show that people that eat choclate at least once a day live happier lives because they have more of a certain 'euphoric' chemical in their system. That is why I'm always so happy, sappy, and full of cheer!:)

I've heard the same about laughing.. so apparently happy, laughing chocolate eaters will rule the world when the cranky health nuts kick off ;)

Robocoaster, have you ever tried Mt. Dew Amp? It's an interesting taste. It's not marketed with "regular" soda - you usually have to go to a convenience store (7 Eleven, Turkey Hill, etc.) to find it. Look where you find the so-called energy drinks (Red Bull, etc.)

As for future flavors, I'm thinking a Blue Raspberry flavor, although I'd die if they called it 'code blue' (yes, pun very much intended ;) ). Perhaps a banana-flavored yellow version. Except the color might be too similar, how about a strawberry-flavored pink? a dark-green colored Green Apple... and as much as I like chocolate, I'm thinking a brown 'Chocolate Mt. Dew' might be disasterous unless it's done correctly... if that's even possible, and "Mt. Dew Kona" will probably face the same fate as "Pepsi Kona" if it's even attempted. Anyone out there remember Pepsi Kona? For those that don't, it was a VERY short-lived coffee-flavored Pepsi. It was out right around the time of Crystal Pepsi (which I loved, and wish they'd bring back. I think they ditched it because of self-competition with then-slice-now-sierra-mist)

With all the flavors that currently exist, I'm surprised Mt.Dew doesn't spin off of Pepsi and become their own company again like they used to be way way way way back when.

To keep this post semi-on-topic, Isn't DL a coke-product park? (hence you won't be able to find Mt. Dew since it's Pepsi)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
Mountain Dew Code Blue existed as a slurpee flavor a couple summers ago, it was good stuff. When they released pepsi blue, I was hoping it would be like the slurpee, but no, it sucked :(.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

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Robocoaster said:
Unfortunately, too much coffee gives me heartburn; ditto for no-doze.

(note to self: Divas don't do RB).

Tina, as those Solace plans get finalized, keep me in mind. I know how much you and Dawn love Vegas (why do you think I moved here)

Actually, Dawn is the one who loves it. I have only been there once, about 10 years ago for like 3 hours. lol.

I am sure I will love it though.


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^With that big ol' tower at the end of the strip, and the fun atop it, you most assuredly will, Tina. ;)

Robo, sounds like you had a most excellent time again!!!!!! You................ ;) The recent events that transpired with BTMR would still keep me away. Don't know why.... just would. Glad you were able to brave the trip, especially so close to the front.

I miss you, and I'm glad you're having such a blast for being there such a short time. I guess you're making up for lost time being previously situated in amusement hell. ;)

All the best, Robo. You deserve it. Love to Brent. :)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

Amusment Hell? When did he live in West Virginia?
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When the closest major theme park is 9 hours away, your in Amusement Hell. Even a mini-major like Silverwood was a 7 hour journey.
But no more. :)

Robbio, the day would've been completely perfect if you and Tomoko were there. I don't miss the rain, but I do miss my friends. When the kids are out of school, you should migrate this way. You'd be surprised at the job opportunities in this area. Insurance agents, realtors, piano store employees, drummers, whatever... ;)

Give my best to your lovely wife and family.

They Live. We Sleep.

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I resemble those remarks. ;)

Whenceforth summer arises, I too shall summon the great beast of metal that slumbers in mine one careth garage, and strike forth with great vengeance onto the road well travelled. At that time, in the great land, I hold mine eyes to the south, wherest the greatest of lands neither seen recent, nor played friendly, have been landed upon with mine only feet. plod on thy holy ground, nearest to thy friend, not foe.

So, yeah. See you sooner than later. I still have to get X anyway. ;)

The Flying Turns makes all the right people wet - Gonch

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Me too, babe. :-P


Nice TR there Robo. I still need to hit the original Disney Themepark. I've been to DCA, but that was all the Disney I had time for. I had to hit Knott's too!

So you were kind of out of it that day at CP? Can't imagine why! ;) Only two lifts on CCMR. The mine train at SFStL has three lifts and is the only other one that I can think of right now.

Wanted to let you know that we're most likely heading to Vegas Feb. 20-24 for the Western Veterinarian Conference. If you want to grab a lap or a brew, let me know. Would love to get together.

Finally my $0.02 regarding soft drinks. I agree with Tekno that the only thing RedBull is good for is shots. That with Jager is pure drunken bliss. As far as more traditional soda goes, I can't remember the name of it but it was basically a cherry Dr. Pepper. It was on shelves for a few months about a year and half ago. As I love Dr. Pepper and Mr. Pibb, it was an instant favorite of mine. Unfortunately I can't find it anymore.

Incidentalist, Dr. Pepper is a Black Cherry cola already. ;) :)

Seriously, though, I know the soda you're talking about. I forget exactly, but it was something like "Red Fusion".. in my area it was VERY short-lived. If I remember correctly, it was only available for a couple weeks.

Similar to SoBe's try at soda: Mr. Green. It tasted a lot like Dr. Pepper with a dark green color, but had some other added ingredients typical of SoBe drinks (Ginseng, etc.). It was my favorite black cherry cola (Mr. Green, Dr. Pepper, Mr. Pibb, and all the Mr.- and Dr.- store brands)

"Life's What You Make It, So Let's Make It Rock!"
I never understood the whole red fusion thing. The other day I saw an add from our local King Soopers (Right Store. Right Price.) for a diet cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper available, I assume there is a regular version as well. Their Big K stuff is good too I like the peach with ice cream.

As for Disneyland, I love the place. It is my secret dream to be a skipper on the jungle cruise.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

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