Robbie Knievel to do a major jump in KI's parking lot

Thirty-three years ago, on October 25, 1975, Evel Knievel made history when he successfully jumped 14 Greyhound buses at Kings Island. The jump was the last big jump of the legendary stuntman’s career, and one of his most notable.

Knievel’s successful jump set a new audience viewing record for ABC’s Wide World of Sports, with a 22.3 rating and 52 percent share – a record that still stands today.

Motorcycle daredevil ‘Kaptain’ Robbie Knievel, the son of Evel Knievel, will attempt to surpass his father’s famous jump with a death-defying, spectacular jump over 24 Coke ZeroTM trucks on Saturday, May 24, 2008 at Kings Island.

Free with park admission or season passes.

You beat me to it! I think this is awesome. Of course I'm a sucker for nostalgia too. I read the article last week in the Dayton Daily News where Don Helbig was talking about how the plan was to return the park to it's glory days. That the park would seem like a new experience for the younger visitors, and be like the old KI to the older visitors. This announcement definitely makes that ring true.

How would they keep you from seeing the jump from outside the park though? I would think they'd be using they parking lot like they did for dad's jump. It's about the only plot of land I can think of big enough for the jump. I guess we'll find out more soon enough.

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I wonder if SFSTl has approached him to appear at the park for the opening of EK?

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Floorless Fan, they could build large plywood walls or something.
Chitown, I was wondering that as well.
It makes me wonder if they approached Robbie before the announcement of EK and/or if it really matters.
Next is a Brady Bunch reunion. Only this time Greg will be drunk on beer, Alice will get the senior discount, and Mike will be dead.
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RCMAC, you made water come out of my nose. Thank you.
Oh, I'm sorry- that is so uncomfortable. At least it wasn't milk.
I think this is a great thing, probably get the biggest crowd KI has seen since Evel did it.

The problem here is, I doubt it gets the media attention or nothing anything close to what Evel Got.

Robbies biggest problem was the shadow he lives under and the attitude he took with it. In all honesty, They are/were both stubborn rednecks, The difference is one was groundbreaking and the other isn't no matter what record he sets. The only thing that would bring him out of the shadow of his dad is actually jumping the snake river and succeeding.

Chuck, saying Robbie's no young pup anymore either but the equiptment he uses is far supperior to what his dad ran. Stock Triumphs and Harleys aren't exactly made for the purposes that Evel used them for while motocross bikes are somewhat designed for this. Supercross guys regularly jump 30-50 yards.

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I bet Shapiro is p*ssed.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Charles Nungester said:...The problem here is, I doubt it gets the media attention or nothing anything close to what Evel Got.

My guess is that there'll be a pretty healthy amount of tv coverage regionally, and maybe a mention in passing nationally on CNN, (like right as they go to a commercial).

The rest of your comment you hit directly. No matter what record Robbie breaks of his dads...he won't get the respect. When we were growing up EK was a national/international phenomenon, Robbie is mostly known within the ranks of people who follow the biking world. The only exception may be people who remember the mostly short-lived reality show from 5-6 years ago, (I think it was A&E, or something).

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Hey All,

I manage Robbie and we hope you'll all come in for his jump on the 24th of May.

We have been trying to work with Kings Island for years to bring in Robbie and finally we've done it.

In response to an earlier post, Robbie was approached by Six Flags in St. Louis and he will be jumping at the park on July 3rd.

Many websites have stated that this will be Robbie's last big jump, that's not completely accurate either. While the Kings Island jump will be a world record attempt for a ramp to ramp jump, Robbie, actually has 4 more jumps scheduled for the summer of 08'

And just FYI, don't think we've given up on the Snake River Canyon challenge. Robbie wants nothing more than to avenge his fathers defeat and 2009 will most likely close out Robbie's biggest jump of all.

See you at Kings Island.

Big Sky Promotions and Robbie Knievel.

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This is actually something that I have never seen before (other than TV) and always have wanted to.

Interesting. :)

Too bad I will be at Holiday World. :)


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Man, If I wasn't flat broke and the price of gas so bloody hugh, I'd drive to Cini to see it.

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