Robb & Elissa at SFOG - 4/7/02

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Sunday, April 14, 2002 10:28 PM

So back to SFOG we were on Sunday. My flight was leaving at 7pm, so we figured
we'd try to get in the rest of the park since only Superman was open on
Thursday. I think everyone in our group agrees that SFOG is one of the nicer
Six Flags parks in terms of ride collection, etc. There are parts of the park
that are really unbalanced, however. In some areas, you'll find the park
operations are excellent, in others, you're met with some of the staff ever!
But it's a park we always keep coming back to, and although some of our reviews
are mixed, I'd still rather come here than a lot of other SF parks.

Ok, so onto our day! We started off taking a quick walk back to Superman just
to see what was going on with it for the day. We figured if it did open with
the park, and the line wasn't too long, we'd like to get in one more ride.
Superman wasn't open yet and since we had about 10 rides during media day, and
we probably weren't going to be able to come back again this year, we decided
to check out the rest of the park. On our way down to get our Lo-Q, we noticed
that the Acrophobia line was pretty short. So Elissa and I rode while Derek
went to go film and get Lo-Q. We met back with him and started qeueing up the
little guy! First in Cyclone, then another ride on Acrophobia! Cyclone was
running REALLY good! I mean, this ride has always been a little on the rough
side, but damn, it was very aggressive today! Back to Acrophobia, which is
still one of the best drop rides out there.

So we decided, for a little entertainment value, we'd actually go and see what
was up with Deja Vu! It's hard to consider that ride is even at the park since
it's never open, and I think we've spent more time in line for different Deja
Vu's trying to get on one and failing at it than any other ride out there.
(oh, other than the Vekoma flyers!) =) So we walked over, and much to our
surprise, it wasn't open! LOL! But we queued the little Qbert guy anyway and
wandered off. It started beeping and vibrating at us (probably pissed off
because it didn't want to ride if the thing actually DID open), but it told us
"you poor unfortunate bastards get to ride Deja Vu in 15 minutes!!" We burst
out laughing! So we went back over to Deja Vu to find a crowd of people
surrounding the Qbot station all looking puzzled. (which is pretty much the
normal look for anything having to do with Deja Vu!) No one's Qbot guy would
work even though it said it was the time to ride (QBot was obviously smarter
than any of us who actually were going to ride this thing!). So I walked up to
the ride op and told him Qbot wasn't working (just like Deja Vu!), and after
being yelled at by the guy, he just told everyone there to come up the back
entrance! So off we go. They finally tested Deja Vu after about 20 min and
loading people. We were 3 trains from getting on board. Two trains run and
guess what? Yep! It broke down...AGAIN! So we figured since we were on the
next train out, and Derek still hasn't ridden one, we'd wait and see. 15 min
later, Deja Vu started doing it's typical "floor goes down, floor goes up,
floor goes down, train shuffles and coughs a bit, floor goes up" then the
GATES OPENED!!!! OMG! We were actually now sitting in the Deja Vu trains!
After being strapped into what is the most unfomfortable and clostrophobic
train ever, we actually were riding it! Wow! We got the SFOG Deja Vu credit!
2 down, and only 1 to go! Needless to say the ride is just as pathetic as the
SFMM version. It's boring, uneventful, and IMO, I find it far less thrilling
than the Invertigo's. And the poor operations and all the mechanical problems
don't help it out, either.

Ok, so that's our Deja Vu story! I hope you all enjoyed that! It really was
the comedy hour at the park! =) The rest of our day was fine! Other than
riding Ninja, but you know, that is to be expected. Mindbender ran AWESOME,
Batman was fun, Scream Machine had decent air, Scorcher is still a great stand
up, and the park wasn't too busy either.

So back to Superman...we we kept checking back every so often to see what was
going on. It was now about 2pm and we'd kept checking back with Robert Ulrich
and others who were in line. It still had not opened and being that we saw Tom
Kelley later riding Mind Bender, I'm assuming that most people just gave up,
and I'm not sure it ever ran the rest of the day. Which is really too bad,
because it's such a great ride. We were trying to 'calm down' this one group
of people who had waited 2 1/2 hours for Deja Vu and were complaining about
Superman not being open. We basically said "well, there's no excuse for Deja
Vu, because it's Vekoma, but give Superman and the park a chance once they get
it running...."

Anyway, this TR has gone on long enough. This was a really awesome trip. Be
sure to check out the pics for Dollywood, Carowinds, and our second SFOG day.
Thanks for reading!

Check out the photos at:

--Robb "Poor Foghorn" Alvey

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Monday, April 15, 2002 7:37 PM

Howdy, I am the foreman at Scream Machine, I hope I kept yall entertained in line, I try to speil as much as possible even if it's corny. Say hi next time you drop by! Hope you enjoyed GASM, it's not quite SUF, but we're working on it.... ;)

Thursday, April 18, 2002 6:16 PM

MisterX said:

Hope you enjoyed GASM, it's not quite SUF, but we're working on it....

That's exactly what I heard you say once when I was waiting in line during 1-train operation. :)

My two favorite coasters are named Superman.

Friday, April 19, 2002 8:37 AM

LOL.... I try, what can I say? ;)


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