Roadrunner Express at SFO now suitable for adults

Posted Tuesday, June 27, 2000 7:29 AM | Contributed by Mongoose

When Six Flags Ohio announced their 2000 coaster lineup, one with the slogan, "the coaster the whole family can ride," families were looking forward to it. When the ride opened in May, there was a height requirement and limit. You had to be between four and five feet tall to ride. Some family coaster. The park closed the ride for about a week, and it has now reopened. Now, adults may ride.

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Tuesday, June 27, 2000 1:26 PM
Has anyone rode this ?

What is it like ???
Tuesday, June 27, 2000 1:56 PM
Two weeks after I drive the 6 hours to SFO they now open it to adults. Six Flags are the hands down WORST park chain. Who know's if I ever decide to go back on the way to CP maybe they will have merchandise for all 3 of their new coasters and I'll get to rid this.

Parks hit for 2000!
Tuesday, June 27, 2000 2:44 PM
Did they change the ride somehow to make it suitable for everyone?
Tuesday, June 27, 2000 5:55 PM
Yes they made a few changes. I rode it. It pulls good G'S in the back, but not worthy of any line at all.
Tuesday, June 27, 2000 7:42 PM
Ya I rode it today for my track record. I can walk there by the way. a couple of days before coastercon i wanted to get on and i couldnt. today i got on!!! Little kids could handle the ride go a little faster even though it goes 22mph
Wednesday, June 28, 2000 7:52 AM
OH GOODY!! Now I can get on a kiddie coaster!!

Gotta ride 'em all!
Thursday, June 29, 2000 11:31 AM
I was just there like two days ago. We went up there from Florida mainly for CP but the 4th day we decided to check out this SFO. I thougt when I saw it said "A coaster the whole family can ride" I thougt cool since my mom dosen't like them I thougt we could ride but when we got there the guy says I can't even ride. NOW they open it to the family.
Thursday, June 29, 2000 8:39 PM
I was their two weeks ago and I couldn't ride. I was very mad since I had riden the same ride at two other Six Flags park within the last 10 day. Also Serial Thiller was closed, so than is 2 that I missed.
Sunday, July 2, 2000 8:24 PM
why do thay do that was it to big for as
Monday, July 3, 2000 10:47 PM
Roadrunner express shouldn't be ridden by parents because it is a kid's ride. let the lil kiddies ride themselves not for adults who are too scared to go on anything else
Wednesday, August 30, 2000 11:05 PM
It should be used by adults who have kids that don't want to ride alone.

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