Road trip May 25th - 31st

My step-daughter (who lives in Kansas for the school year) was graduating from middle school, so we planned a trip out there.

After my wife got off work on Memorial Day, we headed south. We had hotel booked in Tell City, IN. We stopped in Greenwood,IN to hit Famous Dave's on the way.

We spent a few hrs Tuesday at HW. We did our anniversary ride on Voyage first thing in morning. made way around park and returned to Thanksgiving section hoping PP would be open. It never did re-open and we had to leave by 4pm to make it out to our hotel in Missouri that night.

The next morning, we got up early so we could make it to the southwest side of Kansas City to hit up Zonkers and ride Python Pit for a new credit. We stopped in Wichita t go to another Famous Dave's and we got to Protection, KS early that evening where we spent rest of week with her mom.

Sat morning (30th), we left at 4am and arrived at Worlds of Fun about 10am for opening. We only had an hour and half to spend there. Rode Mamba first thing. Walk-on front seat. Ride still sucks. Cedar Fair killed that ride. We then went to Prowler, which had been down for about 20 min. We waited another15 minutes before it reopened. WHAT A RIDE! It was absoulutely amazing! We had wished to have more time there. We went to downtown KC to Famous Dave's for lunch. Really nice one. It is a blues restaurant. They have blues bands on Fri & Sat evenings. We arrived Bloomington, IL around 8ish and hit Famous Dave's there. Drove for about another hr and got hotel for night.

Sun we hit Indiana Beach. I always love going there. So much charm there. I prefer going there on a Sun due to no crowds. Only waits were about 5 min for Steel Hawg and LCoSM. The crew for Cornball was great! They were timing the dispatches so you would race alongside with the train from Hoosier Hurricane. That was pretty cool!

We ate on the top deck of the original Shaffear Queen before taking the half hour ride out on lake.

We left around 6pm so we wouldn't get home too late since wife had to work next morning.

Great trip! 3 new credits for me and 4 new Famous Dave's (9 total now).

Jerry - Magnum Fanatic
Famous Dave's- 206 restaurants - 35 states - 2 countries

Is Famous Dave's your favorite restaurant or something? lol

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

I have been hooked to Famous Dave's since they opened at CP. I now look up locations whenever planning any trips. Great food at reasonable prices. I never go away hungry!

Jerry - Magnum Fanatic
Famous Dave's- 206 restaurants - 35 states - 2 countries

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I can dig the Famous Dave's thing. Excellent BBQ, reasonable prices, and great portions. I don't know if I could hit that many with the alarming frequency you did, but then again, they do offer some variety.

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