RMC/Toro Connection?

El Toro is listed in RMC's portfolio on their site. What exactly was their role/contribution? And I saw something where the company's name was attached to Total Mayhem as well. Yes? No?

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According to Rocky Mountain's Facebook Intamin manufactured the ride and Rocky Mountain was hired by the park to do the site installation and construction.

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S&S Free Spin coasters use a (larger) version of RMC's I-Box track. And guessing from a couple of pictures posted by CoasterForce on Facebook, RMC is also fabricating the supports for Total Mayhem.

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I'm not sure Intamin would have RMC build their coasters today, but they did with both El Toro and T Express.

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Funny Mike should ask. I asked the same question of SFGAD and was told that this information is confidential. Anyway: http://www.rockymtnconstruction.com/roller-coasters.php


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How would it be confidential? It's a business transaction for a publicly traded company. And it's been listed online on RCDB since Toro was built...

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Who knows? This was just one of many questions I posed about El Toro and in the aggregate I was told that this was beyond the level of detail that they normally share. In hindsight I realized that there might be proprietary considerations that I didn't think of.


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That, or some would consider it boring, and since the information is public - they figured you could use Google to find it.

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Perhaps commenting on business relationships is below the those folks' pay grade. Perhaps they would rather have lawyers involved when commenting about business relationships. You can never be too safe these days I suppose...

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^Amen. There's a huge difference between "yes, we have a business relationship" and "I can neither confirm nor deny"....

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