RMC vs. the wrath of mid-2000's roller coaster sim ratings

I've been absent for the majority of the latest happenings in the roller coaster world for the better part of the last 10 years, outside of the occasional peek in on this site, and I'm blown away by what RMC is doing with some of their rides (apologies for being late to the party on this one). I was thinking about this the other day, though...anyone who would have uploaded a ride with some of the elements, reverse banking, crazy support structures, stalls, etc. similar to those that RMC is currently implementing into their layouts would have been obliterated by the sim game community, specifically NoLimits, for being unrealistic when rating coasters.

Looking at some of these rides, they almost defy what was once considered the best common practice for roller coasters. It's super inspiring to see this company come in and just throw the proverbial "playbook" out the window and redefine what is considered "realistic" for roller coaster layouts.

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Maybe the RMC engineers were the ones making those layouts that were obliterated. They banded together and said "we'll show them!"

"Hybrid Roller Coaster 1 is too intense for me!"

I don't know how many RMC rides you've had a chance to try, if any, but they look more outlandish than they are. Oh, not to say they aren't thrilling (some of my favorite rides on the planet come from them) but for all their madness they've got really great flow. They are relentless but smooth. They're intense, but not painful. (There are some here and there who would disagree due to issues with the seating and restraints, but I don't mind em)

There are also those that bemoan the decrease in the number of true wooden rides after so many have been converted to steel. I suppose I fall in that group somewhat, and the announcement of Georgia's project has caused me to pause and reflect. But for the most part, losing some of those rides that didn't fare so well in favor of a high thrill conversion is a fair trade.

RMC is expanding their portfolio to include different and innovative products. I think they're smart, and are doing great things for fans and the industry in general. Parks certainly seem to be standing in line to lap em up.

I've yet to ride one, but the new Mean Streak is what tipped me off about RMC. Looking forward to seeing what they're all about.

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