RMC Mean Streak POV early reveal

Just got out of the sneak peak presentation of the RMC Mean Streak. The ride looks incredible! I posted a video on my YouTube channel (The Chain Lift) if you're interested in hearing all the details.

[video removed]

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Weird, I didn't see any POV in your video. So why did you post a video?

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Being that you run this website and point buzz I assume you were aware of the contest for 50 people to see the POV of RMC Mean Streak ahead of the official announcement. The video I posted was simply to let people who were interested know what I was able to see. Never said I had the actual pov

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No, I'm not aware of it, so it still seems like a poor title.

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In other words, you're trying to monetize your review.

Not that there's anything inherently wrong with monetizing, but this could easily just be text in a forum post. I'd rather read quietly while relaxing, than watch a goofy video.

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Yeah, you had one other post before posting a video. Smells like spam to me. Don't do that.

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