RMC Mean Streak - Hard Hat Tour

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Cedar Point was kind enough to host a Hard Hat Construction Tour for the media today. No new information was given out today, but we got to get some video and photos. There were a few different clubs represented, plus tons of actual media outlets. So, there's way more than this, but here is what GOCC was able to get today.



And photos:


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Awesome shots.
At first I wondered about those weird cowboy hats, now I see they're actually the hard hats. Did everyone get to keep theirs?

I really wish I could've gone to this. Not so much for the peek, but because I've always wanted to play two of the Village People at the same time.

Thanks for sharing.

This ride has been really interesting to watch progress and try to figure out what they are going to do next.

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Good pictures (far better than what at least one news site had posted). I'm curious - based on what you could see, will Meaner Streak follow more or less the same layout as the old Mean Streak (three laps around the infield), or will it be kind of an out-and-back twisted into a circle?

it's following the same layout

tall and fast but not much upside down

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Maybe they'll keep the trim brake, just for old time's sake.

Jeff said:



OK Jeff, I'll bite. Why "MOAR"?

Did I miss an acronym?

Fever I really enjoy the Simpsons. It's just a shame that I am starting to LOOK like Homer.

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Jeff said:



OK Jeff, I'll bite. Why "MOAR"?

Did I miss an acronym?

It's a general internet term. Excerpts from urban dictionary below:
moar: Another word for more. Used if you wan't more of a thing very badly. It is a word synonymous to 'more' or 'do want', usually used in response to the observation of material relevant to one's interest.

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Really awesome pics.

Mac, the Village People joke: I can't even! *giggle*

Does anyone else think this ride looks absolutely insane? The diving inversion reminds me greatly of Storm Runner's diving snake, which is a fantastic element that I'd love to see on more rides. I am still an RMC virgin, and I wanted to remain so until Lightning Rod, but this looks intense in a very different way. I am stoked to see this happening, and it might end up being my first RMC after all.

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Um.... its not a joke...

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