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This past weekend I had to take the walk of shame on Golaith at SFGam. Had no problems with the seatbelt but the lap bar did not go down far enough to cross that go/no-go line, even with assistance from the ops. This was in the very back of the train. I did not do the test seat as sometimes they are known to not always be accurate. I came back to the test seat the next day with lighter clothing and results were the same. I'm 5'11" 275 with a 42in waist with a beer belly and thick thighs. I can still get on rides such as mf and ttd, albeit being a VERY tight fit. Only other coaster I cannot do at this point is Wicked Twister (I didn't even bother trying V2). This came as somewhat of a surprise to me, as I seem to recall hearing that RMC trains tend to be accommodating. Of course as always it has to do with how you carry your weight. Do all RMCs use the same type of trains/restraint system? Anyone else run in to this same issue?

I drive a bus for a living so when I am at work I am on my butt all day. Gotta turn this into a positive by making it one of those "life changing" moments. Need to be ready in 2018 for that new RMC at my home park.

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I did the walk of shame for the first time a few weeks ago... Wicked Twister at Cedar Point. I rode it a couple months ago, and the ride ops got me in with a good shove of the harness. But this last time, I guess the ride op didn't want to do that. At first, I thought he gave up too easily and they were like "whatever... there is the exit" when I said I fit a few weeks previously. But then I thought about the old rule "if you can't lock your own restraint, you can't ride" and perhaps they don't want to almost hurt someone by stapling them in. I got over it, but it felt bad. And right away, the problem is the extra weight I'm carrying, nothing else.

I'm 6-1, not a little guy even when lean. Some of those rides are going to be tight around my chest and shoulders no matter what my weight.

However! Now I have a new type of motivation! Funny you would mention RMC. I think the trains are very "un-coaster-like" in their design, but the rides are fun. I rode Wicked Cyclone last year - when I was down 20 lbs, and really liked it (but still preferred the old Cyclone; that drop was awesome!). I need to lose about 40, so this is good motivation. Those tight rides would be so much more fun...

Well, you've got 19 months to do it. Good luck.

Outlaw Run is the only RMC I've ridden so can't say if others are same. I am 5'10" and was around 250-260 with 40" waist when i rode it last year. I didn't have any issues with belts or the bars. I have gained weight over the past year since I've been out of work. So I doubt I would be able to ride now.

^^Wicked Twister has been inconsistent since day one. I still remember on WT media day when the belts were not all the same. After about 3 rides, I all of sudden had issue with getting belt done. Ride-op asked if I had already ridden and I said yeah. She pushed a little and got it done.

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I'm sorry you missed such an amazing ride. I had the privilege of taking many laps over the summer. I'm 6'0", 242lbs, 36.5" waist with a pizza & taco belly and I barely fit. I was never uncomfortable until the end of the ride after the strong airtime sent my belly over the top of the lap bar. I would shoot for 250lbs with a 38" waist to make sure you avoid the walk of shame. That's as heavy as I have ever been. The only ride I've ever been forced to take the walk of shame on was Drop Zone/Tower at Kings Island. That was due to my shoulders, not my belly. Good Luck.

I've ridden two RMC's to date. Wicked Cyclone two years ago and Lightning Rod last week. When I rode Wicked Cyclone I was heavier(close to 42 inch waist,) just barely fit. If the ride op hadn't stapled me I'd probably have been denied. They were nice and did the same thing for a second lap. I didn't want to push for a third.

Lightning Rod I was able secure myself no problem(down 30 lbs.) I wanted to ride multiple times but when we went back the next two days it was down.

Off and on for years I have struggled with my weight, and getting denied a coaster riders is a good motivator. It bothers me when I get too big and the only place I can sit on a B&M inverted is in the big boy seat when I want to sit up front. I can relate with the feeling of the walk of shame.

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We went to Kentucky Kingdom in June and had the same issue on Storm Chaser. It does, however, like you said seem to be about how you carry your weight. My gf and wife are both about the same size but the gf's thighs being more muscular couldn't fit while wifey had no problem. RMC's restraints seem to be made to accommodate a range of people that includes children because my ten and seven year old sons were both able to ride safely with inversions. So I guess due to that target audience the larger people will suffer. I'm sure RMC are aware of this issue though.

^ Really nobody caught the "my gf & wife" bit?!?

But then again, what do I know?

I did, but I'm trying desperately to not assume gender these days.

That could mean"good friend," as well. 😉

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Are you having an affair?


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Kind of brings a whole new meaning to "wave swinger", does it not?

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So what I'm taking from this is that there's a gf who "exercises the thighs" more frequently than the wife.

Back on topic:

Samurai, sorry to hear that. You have 7 months til CP opens again, plenty of time!

And now lets go back off topic, it's way more fun.

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Interesting. This topic has gone way off topic since the gf was brought up. I've never heard of Polyamory before. Thought I heard it all by now.

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Such a beautiful resort, but it's a shame they got rid of the waterfall in the lobby.

Back on topic...

My single most painful coaster experience ever was on Twisted Colossus last month. I'm currently 5'11 hovering around 280. The attendant pushed hard to get me clicked in, and my ample belly was resting on top of the hip restraint. Between the extreme pain on my thighs during negative Gs and the hip restraint pushing my gut around I was in absolute agony. I won't be trying it again until I'm down 40 or 50 pounds, and I'm trying to figure out some kind of padding or something I could put in the pants to help my thighs. Something like this maybe

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