Riverview Bobs(Chicago) POV video.

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I think most of what you're seeing is that it's not a particularly wide angle lens. Being that tight makes it look a lot faster than it really is.

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So you don't think the train moved at that rate? I don't know. Just looking at the other aspects of the footage seemed it moved at a normal rate.

This coaster is known to be fast and furious.

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Well it wasn't that tall, so yeah, I doubt it went faster than 50-ish on the first drop.

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Back then, 50 mph was "fast and furious".

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Not so sure what makes the train go faster in video sometimes. My footage of Zippin Pippin, unaltered, seems to run considerably faster thyan the ride did - something about the settings which was (is) over my head. Zippin Pippin

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Could the makers of the old film footage have sped it up on purpose to make the ride look more exciting?

Easily. All they would have to do is slow down the recording frame rate. That same footage, when replayed at a standard 24 or 30 fps, would appear faster than it actually was.

Looking at it again, it does seem suspiciously fast.

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Jesus Gonch, if Zippin Pippin really ran like that I'd be planning my first trip to Libertyland... now.

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Tina sez: The fact the coaster left a couple of seconds after the boys sat down had me laughing! You won't find that now.

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Well, the drop after the midcourse block brake seems to accelerate slightly faster than physically possible. But either was, the pacing seems great.

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