Rings of Saturn - Ride Concept/Model

"Inventor Thomas Casey shows his amusement park ride invention the “Rings of Saturn”, which is a combination of a Ferris Wheel and Merry-Go-Round."


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Erm. No thanks.

That just doesn't look appealing to me at all. It'd probably make me ill.

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It looks great - until the model started! I'm sure in reality, it wouldn't be jerky like that or as fast. Great model (static!) and concept!

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It looks hela boring. lol

If the seats somehow rode around the ring, like a carousel, it may display an interesting ride motion, but as it is now, the movement of the riders depends on where they sit.

I'll predict that we will NEVER see this ride enter production.

However, something in this gentleman's patent may be desired for another ride concept, so he could make some money on this idea.

Way too much capacity for most parks. Plus, If it operated like that, The center ring riders would be snapping necks like crazy

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This ride looks very similar to the old gyroscope at Coney Island. The only difference is the cars. I actually thought up a ride very similar to this while looking at picture of the Coney Island Gryo when all I was doing was spending my days drawing amusement park rides.

The problem with this ride is how to get passengers to the seats. And, as big as his version is of this ride, it is going to be extremely heavy, and take a lot of power to run it. And, it will probably be very expensive.

If it were me, I would just go with the central part of the ride, and forget about the rest, as that will probably be where most riders would want to be anyways.

Well if each car wasn't a car Face to face but all riders sitting facing outward then all the flipping would be front and back and not side to side. That might work

Looks like a maintenance horror to me.

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"I'm OK to go... OK to go... OK... to... go..."

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It looks too complicated for its own good - I think it'd get more spectators than riders.

If you were sat on the outer ring on top of the central spindle, you barely move!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Jeff said:
"I'm OK to go... OK to go... OK... to... go..."

Glad to see that I'm not the only one getting the Contact vibes from the ride design. Does this mean one will be built in Florida while another one is secretly built in Japan? :)

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OH. Now I get Jeff's post. Thanks for helping me understand, TimChat2.

The book was better.

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I never did finish the book. I don't think I made it more than half way through.

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Ensign Smith said:
Looks like a maintenance horror to me.

And we thought Quake at Kentucky Kingdom rarely operated...

Too much capacity, way too many parts to break.

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The capacity argument is moot, it's just a model. I'm sure it could be built with only one 'row' on each circle, and smaller circles at that - or further spaced out 'pods'.


I saw the model in 'real life' at IAAPA. My biggest issue with it is that it looks to me like a really complicated way to generate fairly simple motions. Part of it gives actions similar to an Eyerly Roll-O-Plane; part of it is more like a Tivoli Spin-Out. I am not sure I understand the benefit to combining both separate experiences (yet keeping them separate) in a single, terribly complicated attraction.

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It does look a little Rube Goldberg-esque.

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