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Greetings Everyone!

This might be an interesting read. What follows is a trip report by a friend of mine who is NOT an amusement park enthusiast who visited a performance of the Ringling Brothers Circus. Some of the things he talks about – are the things we talk about.

He does like to hear about my trips and he is fascinated about the technology of speed and thrill rides, but he is very susceptible to motion sickness and heights. He takes his three young children occasionally to smaller parks – mainly on kiddie rides. I took out all names from his family members.

Hi Richie,
OK....here's my "trip report" regarding our "trip" to the circus; boring. I was so surprised to find that the circus was boring. Not only that, with the exception of a few moments, (Wife) and the kids also found it boring.
I was sitting there thinking about why it was boring and one word popped into my mind; context. In the earlier part of the past century, when there was no TV and most of the rural populations had little access to the movies, plays, etc., the circus must have been a mind-blowing event; excitement, colorful, exotic animals, etc. Fast forward to the year 2009, and we find kids who have high definition, flat screen TVs, DVDs, IMAX movies, video games, etc. etc. Within that *contest,* a bunch of people running around in their underwear isn't terribly exciting. Yes, there were elephants, tigers, gymnasts, etc., but after looking at the elephants for a few minutes, I keep thinking, "OK, now what?"
Also, the prices for toys, snacks, etc. established new highs for highway robbery.
I got a hot dog, a pretzel, and a soda; $17!!!!!!!!

I remember going to the circus as a tot, and I remember hating the clowns (I srtill do), loving the food (peanuts, hot dogs, ice cream, etc.), and falling asleep during the trapeeze performance. I also remember the long bus ride home during which I nodded off.
BTW, I thought it interesting that there were *no* peanuts at the circus. None. Too many kids with peanut allergies (Son) included I suppose.
Also missing were, for me, the olefactory clues that elephants were around. I have another cold and can't smell a thing. The closest thing to that were my inlaws who came up from Florida and were at the ciurcus with us.

So, that's my report.

I'll keep this as short as possible as I'm sure you're very, very busy..

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend Rich.

He later went on to say he bought 3 light up things which set him back 60 bucks.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

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I haven't been to a circus since I was like....10. I really have no desire to go to another one. If I remember correctly I was so bored I fell asleep as well. Plus that was when peanuts and sodas were actually cheap.


I haven't been to a circus in years either. But I think I'd rather see a circus than most of the crap that passes for entertainment nowadays. So much of it is a severe lack of talent covered by special effects and stupid gimmicks. Besides, circus people are happy people.

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