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Yes, it's still off-season around here, so mother fluxer and I took pre-flux to see the circus today.


The show this year (Blue Team) has a carnival feel to it. While there were some moments of gasps and ahhs (as well as a few laughs) it seemed to me that there was quite a bit of filler this year.

The overall theme of the show is that the head clown keeps stealing the ringmaster's hat and trying to change things. It's kind of a loose plot which ends nera the finale with both of them agreeing that "It's OUR curcus" as opposed to single ownership.

There was one bit where the clown goes into the stands to take a lady;s cell phone. If you've ever seen the Globetrotters, they do it better. It just went on and on with few laughs. (Anytime an entertainer stands out there hoping and waving for more applause, it usually isn't merited.)

The first animal act, in my opinion was the coolest. There were a few amazing frisbee catching dogs.

The traditional elepant lines were shorter than I remembered (there were six or seven) and the tigers looked like they were on prozac. Despite the cage and the thematic music, there wasn't a real sense of danger. If these cats were working in Vegas, Sigfried and Roy would still be doing shows.

Anther animal act featured very cool horesemanship including two guys who did flips under and over their horses while riding them.

The problem with the great moments was that they were few and far between. The total number of seconds that motorcycle riders were in the "dome of doom" was about 90.

Trapeze acts don't vary too much, but there was a group from China using pendulums to swing from line to line. The areial gymnists were probably taking a cue from Circ Du Solei, as they opted for flowing silk-like maneuvers set to slow new-age music instead of typical circus fan-fare.

There were a few ensamble numbers that weren't too memorable including a part where "Circus Celebrities" (People who shelled out big bucks) rode around on the floor in fancy carts. (This is the circus' only shot at a premium pricing for a greater experience).

Banners (A stick, some felt and some printing) were selling for 20 bucks. OUCH!

Overall, if you have never taken your child to see Ringling Brothers. they will like it. If you've seen earlier versions of thier shows, you will be a bit disappointed.

Today's circus is about style over substance. It's more like a good carnival show than the specticles of the circus of old.

By the way...if you are ever expecting to have children, or recently did, send the circus a birth announcemnt and they will send you a pass for one ticket to see one show any time at any place.

Have a great night!

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