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I'm going to six flags great america sometime this or next year, and I was wondering, can you ride Whizzer alone? I know a model of it's type, Jet Star 2 at Lagoon, enforces a no single riders rule. Is this the same case for Whizzer?


I have ridden Tig'rr at Indiana Beach alone.

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Yes, Whizzer allows single riders per seat.

These days, everyone rides alone.

It's very difficult to comfortably fit two adults in the seats on the Whizzer.

There are so many ways this topic could go so wrong.

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Kstr 737 said:

In these uncertain* times, everyone rides alone.


*See also:


...and yet Six Flags wants you to know that they're here for you...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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One thing I'm a little unclear on: are we all in this together?

We have to be. It's the only way to deal with the new normal.

And we're navigating it.


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"All animals all in this together but some animals are more together than others."

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Mulfinator said:

It's very difficult to comfortably fit two adults in the seats on the Whizzer.

I'm 6-1, 190 and have no problem getting in there with a friend of comparable size. I know, some people don't like being all close... Even when I weighed about 250, I didn't have a problem riding with friends.

When I was a kid, they let us ride 3 in a seat.

Single is just dandy too. You can't go wrong on such a perfect coaster ride.

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