Rides youve never heard of.

i have been recently searching online, and there were some reall intresting looking rides that i found. The Hrubetz Screwball,Hrubetz Hi Ball,King Whizzer, ??? Roll-a-Whirl, & A Roc -o- Flip. if anybody has ever heard of any of these rides please repost. or if you know where these rides might be located. they must be pretty Rare.

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The Flatrides site still fascinates me. I am always finding stuff I have never seen before. :)

Everytime I look at it I come to the realization of how many of those rides I have seem, if not riden over the years, and how many of them are no longer out there.

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Or you just see them at travelling carnivals. ;)


Oh yeah, can't forget the forty milers. There are a lot of those that are traveling ride museums.

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