Rides with "holding pins" at CP and KI?

Hello Coaster Fans,

Does anyone know which Roller Coasters (big kid ones) have holding pens for little kids (or adults) while the rest ride the coaster at CP and KI. I know KI has a few I'm not sure which ones at CP do. My oldest daughter who is 5 can now ride everything at both parks, but my youngest can't yet.

Thanks for your help!

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Adventure Express and Vortex have them for sure at KI. I do not believe Cedar Point has any holding pens.

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Flight Deck at KI has one, I believe.


I think the "penalty boxes" are available on all of the KI coasters except Diamondback. Even Diamondback has something along those lines, but they don't use it...if you're undertall you don't get in line for that one. Since that was a feature that was implemented long before Cedar Fair came along (and may actually be unique to Kings Island), you may want to check with the park and make sure that the "service" is still available.

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