Rides for Sale at 40% off!!!!

Just a follow up to my review on Target rides. Anyway, I found a whole heap of buildings at Micheals Craft store. I snagged a 'Pier' Plantomine Theatre for $60, minus 40%, along with several sets of street lamps, led lights, other goodies. I even now have floodlites on the Worlds Fair coaster.

I then visited a larger K-Mart, and they had the same items, only packaged under a different label, and Lowes has a whole line of similar goodies, including a carousel and a beautiful Christmas Ferris Wheel.

Also, Wal-Mart has a musical fountain with led lights that is also battery powered, and plays holiday tunes.

As for the 2 Target rides I bought in October, the Haunted Castle is still crankin out, but Flying Fun, well I plugged in the wrong power unit and the smoking started. I will try to replace it next year.

I recommend you load up for under the tree, or like me, add some great buildings to your 'at home park'.

I have some rides that i got. I got a coaster, ferris wheel, Waterslide, Boom ride.
I guess I'll have to hit Target this weekend. I missed the ones at Lowes somehow.

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I too had issues with the FlyingFun. Maintenance was constantly getting called to the ride and we have to evac. several times each night. The ride was also down all last weekend because State inspectors wouldn't let me operate without modifications from the manufacturer. I can't get anyone from Target to call me back.

Stick with the Ferris Wheel. Better uptime and it takes less labor to operate. *** Edited 12/8/2006 9:55:34 PM UTC by Hanging n' Banging***

The whole ironice thing, my mechanics reveresed the power adapters on the Target rides, so Haunted Castle is barely creepin along, while Flying Fun is smokin. Idiot mechanics thought it was special effects, and went to lunch.

We had to pretty much trash the whole ride. Our plans to keep a Halloween section running all year are now on hold, the Haunted Castle has been placed in the Long Beach Pike section as a 'classic' dark ride.

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